Thursday, 12 September 2013

ME | Short update on everything that is going on

Hello guys! I thought it only fair before I started doing some serious blogging again that I keep you a bit updated on what is going on in my life. You know I am a very open person and I like to keep you guys informed because I feel you deserve it as...


and it is all thanks to you lovely lovely people! I cannot believe it! Feels like only yesterday I was celebrating the 9k that I achieved and now here I am with 10,000! I thought I would never get here and I am so so grateful to you all because you clearly think my blog is worth looking at so I really appreciate everything, and roll on the future!

Also, on a slightly sadder but important note, I have recently quit my job from Clintons. It was a very difficult decision but I had to do it because the hours were not available for me and I felt it wrong that I should stay somewhere that I do not necessarily enjoy for 6 hours a week for a pay that is not worth what I do. So that is my sad news. So I have spent all morning job hunting, Ben has been so supportive and so have my friends so thank you to all of you.

However, on to the future, move on up in the world, find a better job and one that I will enjoy 1000000000x more!

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