Tuesday, 24 September 2013


Hello guys! So I thought the easiest way to keep you up to date with everything that is going on was to do a weekly update, as my blog is fashion beauty AND lifestyle you know? So give me a heads up if you like that idea!

So as I told you all, I left my job at Clintons 2 weeks ago. I have recently been given a job at Screwfix, I start on Saturday (eeeeek!) and I have a couple of interviews in the next few days as well which I am super excited about! Obviously I wanted a job that was more full time than Clintons and Screwfix is only 8 hours, so I decided to get myself a second job and keep job hunting and hopefully within the next few days I will be successful in that ~(fingers crossed!) Tomorrow I have an interview to work with Moda In Pelle, a gorgeous shoe and accessory website which has recently been added to the Goulds Department store list, so I am interviewing for an up to 26 hour Supervisor position there. Then Friday I have interview for waitressing at the pub in the next village along to me, The Coach and Horses, which I wasn't expecting at all! They weren't looking for anyone but I emailed them my CV anyway and said what with Christmas coming up if you need more people I am always available. So I got an email from the lady last night and that is Friday sorted. Then next week I have an interview for an apprenticeship so yeah, all is looking up!

As well as this, it was my little brothers 7th birthday last Wednesday and tomorrow is my sisters 16th so it has been pretty manic but I am glad they're happy with everything.

On top of all of this, there is a 95% chance that come the New Year I will be moving into Ben's new house in Weymouth with him and his parents. To cut a long story short, Dorchester prison is closing down and Ben's parents will probably be working up on Portland (for those who don't know where either of those places are they are pretty much going from a prison to an immigration centre about 20 miles from Dorchester) and one of their friends is going to be posted to Exeter so is going to rent his house in Weymouth out which hopefully we will be getting. It is a gorgeous 4 bedroom house and he is only going to be asking for about £700 a month! CRAZY! Which means a) Ben gets a big room and a double bed and b) I can move in with him, hoping everything goes to plan! A lot of people will probably think this stupid or too soon but I will explain to you now - we pretty much live together now. I sepdn 4/5 days a week at his house, helping with the house work, helping to cook dinners, changing the bed covers...everything that needs doing I will help with. I am willing to pay his parents rent and carry on helping around the house of course, and hopefully where I will be working 2 jobs I will able to afford to pay both his parents rent and my parents rent for keeping all my sh** at this house. So yes. Plus, if we are living together like this we can see if we can work it out, you know living together 24/7 so that if and when we do get a place it is not a COMPLETE culture shock. 

I am currently addicted to Breaking Bad and The Walking Dead (which I blame Ben for) so I spend most nights whilst I am home knitting and watching them! In regards to the knitting I am planning a new post soon as I have changed my idea slightly (well possibly, I don't know, I want your ideas!!)

I hope everyone is having a lovely time doing whatever you're doing, and I shall blog you later! Don't forget to follow me on Instagram or Twitter or add me as a friend on Facebook, or drop me an email, I am always happy to reply to you guys and talk to you!

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