Friday, 11 October 2013


Hello ladles and jellyspoons! It has been a while since I posted! I am sorry about that, and as I am about to explain you will (hopefully) understand why!

The main reason for not posting is that I am not working seven days a week, 5 at Moda In Pelle, and the weekend at Screwfix, so I am constantly tired (as I am sure most of you will have gathered from my Twitter and IG!!) I am super tired so am planning on trying to get a few early nights to catch up, but with so much to do I don't see it happening! I am, however, really liking both jobs. In all honesty I am liking Screwfix more, that is a conversation for another time and on a not so widely accessible platform such as my blog! I am just holding out till pay day when I can treat myself and get some things I have wanted for soooooo long and can also treat Ben too!

That is another reason. I have been trying to spend as much time as I can with Ben because for the next few weeks I do not know when I am going to be able to see him, because I will be working and he will be working and at college and the transport between my house and his is a ridiculous price, so it is going to be difficult. Plus I do not take my laptop with me when I go over, very often so it is difficult to post. If I do go over again though I will either be taking my laptop of stealing his (hehe!) so I shall try and blog from his more often!

Another problem is my laptop, and this is why I am more excited now than I have been before about being able to afford an iPad at the end of the month. My keys are constantly sticky so that I literally have to type each letter with a hammer (today, touch wood fingers crossed, it has been alright so I am hoping it continues that way!) Also I have been having problems connecting to my internet or getting anything to load when I can. I know it isn't a problem with the internet because I am connected on my phone, so I haven't a clue what is happening, I am sure Mr Technowhizz Ben will be able to tell me! So for me to even get this page up was a miracle to me, but I thought I should post for you guys because I love you all (mwah!)

SOOOOOOO updates on my life - working, financial planning, working, working, seeing Ben, working, being at home, working and more working! It has been a difficult week for me, but I am getting through it slowly and surely! I have just been trying to keep my head above water really! My feet are battered and bruised and my calves are throbbing more than they used to when I did ballet, and it is just draining! It has officially (well...on the 3rd of this month) been a year since I have my surgery so that was a momentous thing! It is also a year since I had a ballet lesson, which is slightly sadder!

Things to look forward to in the next few weeks though are, of course, pay day which will be the happiest day of these past few months! I am getting paid (I have worked out) QUADRUPLE what I got paid in a month at Clintons so I am super super excited about that! I have booked my next tattoo, which isn't on my tattoo post so I shall have to tell you about that, I have decided which iPad I want, with shell and which sleeve I want for it, I have made a shopping basket on Superdrug for my makeup haul...I am spending my money before I even have it haha! But I know that because I am getting paid so much more than I am used to I really need to stick to my budgets and plans and prove to myself that I can really!

Also, Ben and I have been talking more about me moving in with him and his parents when (and if, BUT FINGERS CROSSED GUYS!!) they move down to Weymouth. We have picked out a colour scheme and have decided to go duvet, pillow and mattress sheet shopping (trying saying that drunk!) I have also come up with THE cutest idea ever! Basically, when I was searching for birthday presents for Ben on Etsy I came across these lovely little hand made wooden decorated letters, with pictures and such so it is personalised. So Ben and I are going to get an 'A' and a 'B', his will be decorated with Batman pictures and mine will have Disney princesses on and we shall have them on our window sill. Cute and silly I know, but he genuinely liked the idea (I said it to his face so he couldn't bullcrap me!)

So yes, that has been my life this week, obviously I will TRY and post more, it is just difficult with all the technological difficulties and being so tired, but I shall definitely try for you guys, and you can always follow me on IG or Twitter and keep up to date with my day to day life (which, honestly, isn't THAT interesting but I always appreciate new followers and likes and such!)

Have a good night guys, love you all!

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