Wednesday, 23 October 2013


I have tried to write this post a few times, but I never know what to say. This week has basically just been tough. Ben is currently very ill and is housebound for the forseeable future, a friend of mine was in a motorbike accident yesterday as was in surgery for over an hour yesterday, it is my mums birthday today and I can't even be happy for her and I am really struggling to cope right now.

I have been working 19 days straight and because of my friends unfortunate accident it looks like I will be working through past Halloween with no stop. Of course I am prepared to step up and do his hours I just need a day off, and soon! I wish I could see Ben but a) I can't afford the transport, b) he is contagious and housebound and c) I am working everyday at 9 so I wouldn't be able to get from his to dorchester in time to get to work. From what I can gather mum has had a good day, I just can't be happy for her because of how I'm feeling. I think most of it is due to tiredness and stress, but it is affecting everything and now I am struggling again and I cannot fall into that hole again.

I am still having laptop and internet problems, I am working a full day on my own tomorrow and I can't sleep so I am not in the best of moods.

I hope you guys are all having a better week than I am!

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