Sunday, 10 November 2013

HAUL | three for two at Superdrug

as everybody who reads my blog will know i love myself a good deal...mostly on cosmetics and other beauty products but still! recently superdrug had the BEST deal of all time and one which I hope they continue - three for two on ALL cosmetics. that was nail varnish, foundation, lip liners - the lot! all brands were included, so from higher end like Revlon and Bourjois to lower like MUA and 2True. having just got paid when i saw the offer i thought i would take a chance and get somethings whilst it lasted. 

i bought some products from store because i wanted to test them first, and then i had a mini freak out online and got free delivery (so i was very happy about that too! plus it gave me some points towards christmas on my beauty card.)

the four nail polish shades i got were (L to R) - raspberry, gold glitter, ruby glitter and aqua glitter, and the two revlon lipsticks are candy apple and sweet tart. i love everything i bought and i cannot wait to use and test them all. i will do a post at some point about them all, and maybe some reviews.

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