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BLOGMAS | how i cope at christmas.


yes i just quoted pocahontas. so? christmas is just around the river bend and there is more to see than can ever be seen, more to do than can ever be done this year! for the first time in quite a few years i am not buying presents for friends and that makes me sad, but at least i can make up for it with buying christmas presents for myself...i mean for my family and ben! oops!

christmas is SUCH a wonderful time of the year, but it is also so very very stressful. it is my favourite time of the year as i take it so seriously (my sister however hates it!) i love the run up to christmas, with all the shopping and the wrapping and the excitement building, the tree decorating and the wreaths on is just magical to me. and i know so many people out there feel the same. but because it is such a stressful time, i have come up with a few pointers that i have found help me in this very special time!

  1. MAKE A PLAN! - i have found that in the run up to december making a plan and a budget helps me. and sticking to it as well! most years i do go a little over, but purely because i ALWAYS forget to budget in wrapping materials (but i remembered this year, gold star for me!) make an ideas table and add a few formulas into the equation (haha...good one gets it? okay.) then when you think of solid ideas for people make sure that that budget doesn't go over the original. it gets tricky when you start thinking of PERFECT ideas for people, but set yourself a reasonable budge and a reasonable plan.
  2. THINK CAREFULLY! - sometimes it is better to get something small and meaningful for someone than something big and extravagent that they won't wholly appreciate.  think carefully about what you are getting everyone (or someone) and make sure you are at least 95% sure they will like it, no one likes to waste money!
  3. DON'T PANIC! - nearly everyone is in the same boat as you. yes, maybe you are like me and plan everything to the last penny but you are not alone in that. maybe you are like my sister and are a right scrooge and only get your family a small present each (probably from poundland) and that is okay too, just dont panic. just chill. remember - it will all be worth it in the end.
  4. WRAPPING! - wrapping has to be one of the best parts for me. i love wrapping presents. as soon as a present arrives i have to wrap it. i add ribbon and bows and glitter and make it look like a unicorn pooped it out - that is how fabulous they are. BUT REMEMBER someone has to open that present. if they cant get in without the use of scissors then you need to rethink how much selotape you are using!
  5. LABELS!  - labels 1) when you have wrapped presents early, be sure to stick a post it note on the front so that you remember who that present is for! labels 2) the ones on presents have a lot weighing on them - do you go funny? do you go sentimental and sweet? do you even use label for this small one? i find it is always good to strike a good balance. if you are giving someone one present then put a label on. depending on who it is for will make up whether it is funny or not. go funny for friends (try saying that 20 times!) and for family go sweet. if you are giving someone more than one present than half it - put the labels on the things that you think would be good. for example, for bens birthday i got him vans amongst other things. he told me he wanted a pair of baby blue ones, but i actually got in marvel ones. on the tag i wrote - "better than baby blue x" and he knew instantly they were vans but not exactly what they were. funny or sweet for more than one present depends which gift you put it on.
  6. THE BIG DAY! - oh christmas day how i crave thee! all that hard work, planning, wrapping, working for the money, buying, all comes down to this. just enjoy it. that is what christmas is about! so what if you didnt get that new iphone 5csk whatever or the new ps4...whatever you did get your parents worked very hard and thought a lot to get you so appreciate it. i didnt appreciate what i had when i was younger but now that i buy for other people i appreciate everything i get (even those comic pair of socks i get from my grandparents every year!)
  7. STICK AT IT! - no matter how wrong the plan goes or how badly that circular present is wrapped it will all work out in the end. ignore that cramping feeling in your wrist after you have just wrapped your 23rd present! ignore that headache after staring at a computer screen ordering presents for people! ignore that tipsy headed feeling after one too many glasses of mulled wine! everything will fall in to place, no matter how dire things will seem at times. its christmas after all!

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