Tuesday, 17 December 2013

CATCH UP || the lead up to christmas

hello everyone! I am sorry for not posting recently, it has been a little hectic for me! what with working 6 days a week at the moment, shopping for presents and amongst all this spending a little time with Ben...I just haven't found the time to blog! 

but I am not from my new and lovely shiny toy - my iPad!! yay! it's not the one I originally wanted which is the iPad Air but it is a brand new iPad 2 and I am loving it so much! I got just a wifi one as I don't want to be paying two contracts a month! it's a lovely 16GB White one and I have named her Snow (sad I know, but people name their cars and this means a lot to me as I have worked so hard to have the money for her!) but yes, she is very lovely and I am very happy! 

I have also been doing the task of buying all the presents for people, yikes. I forgot how stressful it was but I think I am nearly done, just the last little bits of wrapping and some small pieces to get when I am paid soon and then it shall all be done! scary isn't it, a week tomorrow it is christmas day! all the planning and stressing and working and buying all leads up to this day and then it's over in a flash! but I do love Christmas, and this will probably be my last Christmas at home which is weird!

I am going to try and blog more often now that I have my iPad and don't have to rely on my very slow and very tired laptop (next Apple purchase will be a MacBook trust me!) I will use my laptop sometimes when I am doing longer posts or ones with lots of pictures, watch this space! 

I hope everyone is having a lovely December, despite it being cold and awful weather and it being a stressful time....it will all be worth it!! don't forget I have Instagram and Twitter that you can follow me on to keep up with my day to day nonsense!

blog you laters, love you! x

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