Monday, 2 December 2013

HAUL | pay day purchases.

another day another dollar as they say, and this month saw me get slightly more of a bonus due to the 66 hours overtime i did last month, so i treated myself to a few things (one of which is currently in the post, yay!) this month and last month have been slightly different pay days because i have had big occassions in both to think about - last month was ben's birthday (his presents to which he THOROUGHLY enjoyed) and this month being christmas - so i won't be able to spend as much on myself as i want to, but i just bought a few things to keep me going till next month. and of course my tattoo, which i shall be getting on tuesday so i am very very excited about that!

i also bought my Revlon foundation (ColourStay in 001 Ivory) and some new work clothes - i shall try and get a picture of those soon as i love them! i am also so looking forward to receiving my ipad as i have waited so long to get it! hopefully i will get paid just before christmas so i can buy a new dress for christmas day!

i hope everyone had a good pay day and a good week!

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