Sunday, 19 January 2014

apologies for this post.

i am not one to use my blog as a way of ranting about anything (that is what ben is for haha!) but something happened today and it has really angered me!

i was planning my week off (hurray!) and was looking up train times and deciding whether to get a train to bens or catch a lift with him when he finishes work. and i saw how much the train ticket was. A 12 MINUTE JOURNEY HAD GONE UP TO £5 FOR A SINGLE. that to me is daylight robbery. my bus journey to work takes twenty minutes and if i pay for that (i currently have a bus pass) it is £2.10 for a single! it amazes me how the railway companies can do this! it is shocking! i know in comparison to buses they may have more to pay for and so that money has to come from somewhere, but putting up already ridiculously high prices is not the way to do it! it has really really angered me and if the train wasnt the main way i used to get to bens i would not get on one again but i have no choice. if this had happened when i was working on 6 hours a week on minimum wage i would never have been able to see ben! i wouldnt have been able to afford to go anywhere on the bus, it would be on the train! another comparison for you is the bus that now is no onger running, but was before the new year, the 103. now i got on that in dorchester and took it to bovington, and because of the route it took, through several small villages and down to lulworth cove, the journey took just under an hour and a half. that ticket cost me £2.40 for a single and £3.10 for a return. if i did that same length journey on a train it would cost me over £20! it is ridiculous the prices you pay for the journeys on trains! 

what is your opinion? are the trains as expensive where you are as they are here, because right now i am seriously considering sending a strongly worded email to someone because this is not on. it has really angered and upset me. politicians say that we are coming out of a dip in the recession...i say bull. if they keep putting up the prices of every day things like trains than people wont be inclined to use them as much. i know this may not necessarily be the case as so many people rely on the trains i reckon they will still make a profit, but it is still not right and it sickens me.

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