Wednesday, 29 January 2014

HAUL | january payday

hello everyone! so i am trying to blog more often now because a) i have a working laptop and b) i love blogging and i miss it when i can't. i thought i might start doing some outfit posts for some of my work outfits and some of the things i wear on the occasional day off that i have! so today i thought i would do a little haul post of some of the bits i got this pay day. these will probably be the only things i get this month as i have a lot of other things to pay for, mainly bills and driving, but i might get a few odd bits and pieces throughout the month if i need them.

with christmas having been and gone i tried to only get essential things (apart from my new perfume - that was planned yet impulsive) so the only things i really got were makeup and hair dye. i unfortunately don't have a picture of the hair dye because i forgot to take one before i used it, but it was the L'oreal Paris Mousse Absolue in colour 465 (dark burgundy red).

so i invested in my original foundation as it truly is brilliant and there was an offer on in Superdrug for up to £3 off Revlon, i also got a shade lighter in the FitMe range as i didn't realise i had 120 and not 115 and this one is perfect. it matches my skin perfectly. i would love to branch out and try other products but i thought as this month i wouldn't have enough as i thought from my pay check so i wanted to stick with what i know. i also got my eyeliner from collection. i love this one as it has a paint brush end to it, so you can get a thin line or a thick line very easily. ALSO i finally got my silver nail varnish!! every time i go in to my local Superdrug they are always out of it and i never have enough time to ask someone to see if they have any tucked away in a replen drawer but they did have some out this time so i am super super happy!! I've wanted this for a long time as they do the gold one as well but i am not a gold fan, I'm a silver girl, so i wanted to jazz my finger nails up a little bit, add some glitter on top of this, and feel fab-u-lous and now i finally can, yay! super drug also have an offer on for buy one get one half price on their own branded false nails and accessories so i got some false nails and extra nail glue for half price. for an own brand they are very good nails and i am very happy with them. i have now taken them off because i lost one at work today and couldn't find it so i admitted defeat. i got them because i don't like stubby nails on me and so many of my nails were breaking so just decided to wear falsies until mine grew. they have grown a little but i do have one super stubby one but thats because it broke when i was taking the nail off, oops!

i hope everyone has had a good few days, and that your pay day was lovely and you can get a few things that you wanted! i shall blog you soon!



  1. You really treated yourself, really want to try the Revlon foundation :)

    1. it was only the essentials (plus the hair dye which i kind of didn't need but wanted haha) i would recommend the revlon to anyone it is perfect! my only criticism is that it doesn't have a pump and i can't find one to fit it! planning on doing a product review on it soon as i get a lot of questions and compliments about it both at work and online!


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