Wednesday, 29 January 2014

ME | laptop update

not that this matters much to people but i wanted to give you an update on what my current laptop situation. as of saturday night i am officially using my macbook (yayyy!! happy amelia!) as my laptop was just so dead it was funny. my dad who has a degree in IT, my uncle who working for IT for 25 years and the Dell support people had no clue what i had done to it. apparently it is the actual hard drive that is damaged. it got to the stage where it was making the most high pitched screeching noise that even when it was put upstairs in a bedroom with 2/3 doors closed you could still hear it. heavens know what i have done to it but yeah. it is officially broken. i am annoyed because it means i cannot have all my documents and such off it, but i was talking to ben the other day and i said maybe it is a good thing that i don't have any of that stuff because i had that during some of the hardest times in my life and it has a lot of pictures and documents on there that i don't want to see again.

so that is it basically. i am blogging from my macbook which i love to pieces and will treat as well as i treat ben (which is pretty damn good!!) and my typing speed has really increased and I'm just getting used to everything now, like i had to google how to copy and paste cause ctrl+c didn't work and i have got the hand of two finger scrolling pretty easily. and i am just so happy with my baby. hehe. 

so thats the update for you all! if you want to see how badly my old laptop was broken then head over to my instagram and look at the video that has a still of a bright blue screen! your ears will hurt!!

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