Monday, 27 January 2014

ME | new perfume purchase

recently i decided that i needed to invest in a new perfume. i have always stuck with what i know - lacoste 'touch of pink' and next 'just pink' - but i wanted to try something new and something that would last on me. i went and spoke to the lovely ladies that work on perfumery at my week job and she was so helpful. she was able to help me more because we have alike 'tastes' in fragrance. she recommended me this one and i just fell in love!! it is the cutest little bottle ever, and being an eau de parfum it will hopefully last longer! it smells so floral and girly and it lasted me all day today (even with my bad habit too!) i cannot wait to get a bigger bottle once i finish this little one. i would recommend this to anyone who was looking for something girly, something worth the money, and something that will last long on you. it is everything i was looking for, and i wanted to try this before actually as it seems very popular amongst people i follow on bloglovin' and instagram.

i hope everyone is okay and having a good day!

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