Thursday, 30 January 2014

PRODUCT REVIEW | soap and glory hand food hydrating hand cream

for christmas i received a wonderful big box full of soap and glory goodies, such as a hair turban (which is currently on my head) righteous butter and the hand food. since i have been working 6 days a week i have noticed my hands have got a little rougher and slightly more coarse. i didn't want to use the moisturiser i use as a primer on my face as i tried that before and it didn't work for me. so i decided to try this soap and glory product and give it a go (as i LOVE the smell of all the products.) and seeing as i haven't done a product review in a while i thought this would be a great opportunity for me to share my experience with the product and hopefully you guys will try it too.


""apply hand food hand cream as often as you to soften. contains shea butter, macadamia oil and marshmallow . scented with our Original Pink fragrance. the most astonishing hand cream ever? you decide!"

  • Packaging - the bottle (??) for the one i have is the perfect size. it is almost palm sized being 50ml so it fits nicely in your hands. it is also a wonderful pink colour, so it can be seen in the bottom of your bag if you are searching for it (and i am slightly bias as pink is my favourite colour too) it has the vintage style fonts and different languages even on the front so you know it is the traditional soap and glory brand. 
  • Availability - mine came in a large pack but you can get soap and glory from super drug, boots, online stores...probably most beauty/health places will sell them. 
  • Scent - the smell...oh my lord the smell. as with any soap and glory product you fall in love instantly with it and the scent it gives. with this, i have found the smell stays on your hands. i can put some on at the beginning of my shift and still smell it at the end, even when I'm selling shoes and selling paint and screws and everything i do every day. it lasts and is wonderful. i also have the mist you madly and that is the same - it just lasts. it is a glorious smell too. floral and wonderful. you cannot fault soap and glory on their impeccable knowledge for the perfect girly smell. 
  • Money - as i didn't get mine myself it was great value for money haha. it currently retails on the soap and glory website at £5.00, but of course that may vary for the different places you can get it from. however, £5 for a hand cream that does what it says on the tin and more is not a money situation! it is definitely worth it! and considering you only need a pea sized amount to get it all over your hands this is going to last me a long time!
  • Softening ability - i have been using this for about a week/week and a half now and i can say with confidence i noticed a difference in a day. i use it probably 4 or 5 times a day (mainly because i just LOVE the smell and feel of it on my hands) and it really does work. it isn't greasy and it isn't sticky - it genuinely is perfect! sometimes when we are not busy at work we stand and twiddle our thumbs and now i can do that smoothly!

there is nothing bad i can say about this product. honestly. i love everything about it. if i HAD to say something it would be that when i have just moisturised my hands the 'bottle' does get a little sloppy so sometimes i have to wipe it BUT that would happen with nearly any product so it is not detrimental to the product itself.


this product is a must have for ANY handbag/make up bag. it does exactly what it is supposed to and provides a wonderful smell that people notice. i have had so many compliments off people about the softness of my hands and asking what it is and i am only to happy to tell them. i am going to be getting this for bens mum for her upcoming birthday as it is just perfection and she will love it! if you are looking for something that truly works then this is it.

WAS IT WORTH THE MONEY? for me yes as i got it free, but when i run out i will definitely be getting more of this!
WOULD I BUY IT AGAIN? certainly!


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