Thursday, 9 January 2014

THE DAILY FIND | regalrose necklace

i decided to try something new and start a 'daily find' section for my blog. i saw someone had done this when i was scrolling through on weheartit and i thought it was a pretty cool idea to showcase brands that i love, brands i want to purchase from and items that are just so awesome i cannot wait to own them!

today my daily find is from regalrose, and quirky, slightly alt company that has some amazing pieces. you know those shops in some shopping centres/malls etc that are one of a kind? that is regalrose, it is a one of a kind place. every time they update their 'new in' section i die a little more inside (with happiness of course!) the item i have chosen is their astral multi crescent moon necklace. it is a cute little piece that sits at the right length on the neck/collar bone and is just so adorable, yet it has an edge to it! it is the sort of necklace i would wear to moda with my black uniform, or if i were wearing a plain peter pan colour i would wear this and just tuck the chain underneath the collar. at fourteen pounds it is an absolute steal and truly is a wonderful piece!

you can find regalrose on instagramblogger and of course through the website!


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