Wednesday, 8 January 2014


wow, i cannot believe it is already the 8th of january! christmas came and went so fast, and so did new year! it felt like there was no break at all! but here we are in a new year.

as you saw in my last post i am not going to be making any resolutions this year because i never stick to them or i forget i have made them and then remember in may by which time it is too late to begin. however i am trying to make changes day to day that will help improve my quality of life and will help make me a happier person and move on from my past. (just a recap to be honest with you)

so as those keen peeps who stalk me on other social medias i have recently (aka today) acquired myself a wonderful new MacBook Pro from which i am currently blogging from. it. is. ah. mazing. i knew i would love it but i didn't realise i would love it this much! i am having some slight trouble typing with my long nails but i expected that! i cannot wait to start sorting it out properly and really personalising it (aka major pimp out) but unfortunately that is going to have to wait. long story short i have to hand over my MacBook to mum until i pay off my car insurance and lessons. so this shall be my first blog on it and my last for a while. i shall still try and blog from my iPad though as i know how much you all love me!

it has also been a stressful few weeks, with me working so much, not being able to see ben and calm down, being at home every night which has its problems and realising things that are hard to come to terms with. however over the next few weeks i am going to plan a week off so that i can just stay at bens, walk around in trackie bottoms, no makeup and no one will care because i have no work and i can just relax with a cup of tea and a fag if i want! so i am looking forward to that (it is basically getting me through my every day). most of the management at screwfix have unfortunately moved on to big and better things and although i didn't know them that long i really felt like part of the family so that was weird saying goodbye to them. but hopefully the new people will be nice enough to deal with!

new years eve grandad took kitty and i shopping so i shall try and do a post on what i got as i am super happy with my purchases. the most OBVIOUS of which is the hair dye that has turned me into my favourite disney princess Ariel! i just needed a hair change as i get so bored easily with my hair and i didn't want to change the length of it because i am happy with that so i thought i would do red as that is one of the few 'normalise' colours i haven't done yet! obviously, with goulds being goulds, there were parameters but i kept within them and everyone really likes it! the only one who hasn't seen it is Claire my wonderful manager but she gets that privilege tomorrow!

it was also my first new years eve away from home this year. and it was so very much needed. i had a wonderful night, with ben and his friends and his parents and their was a great night and i got my first ever midnight kiss, yay! dancing the YMCA with all the lads (and it literally was that...all of bens friends...and me but it was all good banter!) playing UNO without the buzzy machine thing, watching films, them making me watch horror films, drinks...i wish i could relive it every day it was such an amazing night but gosh was i tired! i cannot wait for next year!

i hope everyone has had a wonderful new year and i hope this year, the royal 2014, is amazing for everyone, and i shall blog you laters!

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