Saturday, 18 January 2014

WISHLIST | my updated makeup bag wishlist

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so this month, as i know i am getting paid a little more, i decided i wanted to update my makeup bag and i wanted to get some higher end products, ones that not only will be better for my skin but ones that i know will last me longer than my products currently do. there are so so many products i see people posting about on blogger and on youtube and i just want them all, but i tried to narrow it down to just a few that i know i will probably be able to get this month. i cannot wait to update my makeup bag as it has been a long time since i strayed from what i know or what i have used before and gone back to it. there isn't really much more to say other than keep an eye our for my haul post when i hopefully get most of this haha!

hope everyone is good!

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