Friday, 28 February 2014

apologies for this post #2

as i said in my last post with this title (the one about the upping of train fares to ridiculous prices) i am not one to use my blog as a way of ranting about anything, i am usually one to keep it to myself, or tell ben everything. but once again, the system has failed and i am left wanting to severely hurt someone in power.

wednesday, people in my village got a piece of paper through the door telling us that there would be a road closer due to "bridge strengthening works" on a bridge that is still standing after god knows how many years, how many floods, how many storms etc etc. YES it is probably a good idea at this point in time to strengthen the bridge. however, there is a) now a main road closure, b) a completely better use of the councils money, i.e. flood DEFENCES and c) no way of people getting to work and school. because of where the closure is, neither the school bus or the public bus can get through the village for a month. from march 17th to april 14th (day before my birthday yippee) i will have to find alternative methods to get to work 7 days a week. my little brother and sister will have to as well. this means my mum taking toby to school via a 20 minute delay diversion and then taking my sister on to school.

but what about the elderly? what about the people who can't drive? what about the people who's parents work 24/7 and can't take their children to school/college/work? what about them? obviously i am not in any way saying this is First Dorset's fault because it isn't. and i will feel sorry for the bus drivers who will get it in the neck because they cannot go through the village. this is entirely the council. on the letter it says "unfortunately, with this sort of work, some inconvenience may be caused but we will ensure that it is kept to a minimum...should you have any problems or reasons for complaint whilst work is going on, it would be helpful if you could let our scheme engineer know at ensure that the earliest possible action is taken to overcome them" YES I DO HAVE REASON FOR COMPLAINT YOU UTTER SHITE BAGS! do you want to pay me the £150 for my bus pass that is now going to be wasted because i cannot use the bus? do you want to give me the money i will be losing because i don't know if i will be able to get to work every day and get lifts or walk etc? do you want to help my mother or anyone else who is going to be put under even more pressure and stress trying to get their children to school on time? no, i don't think you get it. you don't understand one bit.

i could make a complaint. i would be one of many many people who will be complaining about this. but what good will that do? for some unsympathetic and robotic reply to say we are sorry for the inconvenience caused by these necessary works? no, that will just anger me even more. who listens to the people on the ground who are going to suffer for a month?!

when we have had works done like this before it has been done at allocated times during the day or at night to PREVENT all of the disruption it will cause. i sincerely hope the council have considered doing that this time round because if they haven't they are even more stupid and douchebaggy than i originally thought. apparently a "representative from passenger transport will be in touch to discuss transport during the road closure in due course." oh well bloody ace of spades. and that is going to do what exactly? just anger us more? make us shout as someone else? piss me the fuck off because this person will clearly have no clue what they are on about?

I'm sorry, but the council have not thought this through. OR if they have, and they have allocated times or PROPER diversions then they should have said this in the original flyer, should they not? they should have said something like "don't panic or make abusive blog posts about it, we got this shit under control we are doing x, y and z to prevent a, b and c." but no. instead we get this pathetic letter with the bloody diversion map on the back written by the scheme engineer who sounds like an absolute douche. 

I'm sorry if this is not the sort of post you want to see on blog, and to be honest it isn't for me either. but i have so much anger about this that i didn't know what to do. i also apologise for my french as i am very worked up right now, having been under paid from Moda and then this and then a stupid blood test where the woman couldn't find my vein and my eyelash fell off at work today...its just been a really rubbish week. and i honestly don't think the council understand what it is like for people like me who rely on public transport so heavily in my life that when something as (potentially essential however) moronic as this completes messes life up.

has anything like this happened to you before? are you effected by your councils road closure decisions. leave a comment below or send me an email with your views. 

and again. sorry for this post.

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