Wednesday, 12 February 2014

CATCH UP | hectic times

hello everyone! i have been trying to be good and post as much as i can, but as people who have sky internet will know they have been royally messing up recently, so it has been difficult, but hopefully it will be sorted soon and i can get back to posting more, yay! i do love it yak now! i am not some crazy person sat behind a computer, i genuinely love writing on my blog!

so recently i have just been working non stop, hence the hectic in the title! it has been great getting so much over time in but where i am not a great sleeper, and with the weather being so bad and keeping my noisy little brother up it has been difficult to maintain a positive vibe. however, a few good things have been happening and i just wanted to share it with all of you!

as you will probably know from previous posts or my various social networking-ness i recently switched rooms with my little brother. this was supposed to happen during the summer when i was going to university but obviously that didn't happen. we have left it this long but unfortunately he just grew out of his room and we felt it was time for the switch. so last weekend (not the one just gone but the one before that) i had the weekend off work so that i could bag, bin and move nearly 19 years worth of hoarding into a tiny box room. the good parts about the move are that now I'm in a smaller room i have found i am a lot more organised and tidy (much to mothers happiness!) and i have also got some new storage for clothes and for my makeup, so i am planning on doing a post about that once i properly sort everything out and get some more storage boxes for my things. another good thing (and i do not mind posting this on the internet because you all by now know me roughly and know my situation) but i threw out my razors that i have kept for so long. i haven't used them in so so long, and mum wanted me to throw them out a long time ago, but i just couldn't explain to her why i wanted to keep them, like i couldn't formulate the words. but they are gone. and that is a door shut. i will always bear my scars but i am okay with that, because i won't be adding to them!

it also means that i have a lovely new wardrobe (yay!) and i didn't realise how many dresses i had! i have literally more than 20. when i was sorting them all out i was like where have these all come from?! but i am not selling them because i know i will wear them and use them because they are all so lovely and pretty and mainly evening dresses and summer dresses so bring on the sunshine (L O L!) 

i have also been LOVING LOVING LOVING my macbook. it is my baby and i look after it so so well and i put it in its case every night when i am finished to protect it. it is literally one of the single greatest things in my life. oh god, i sound so materialistic right now! but i do work hard for my money so i know it is going towards something useful! only down side is i want to re do my blog headers and buttons and i don't have the software for that SOOOO if anyone has any suggestions of anything good for editing (besides photoshop i am working on getting that soon hopefully) then please leave me a comment below so i can check them out!

my recent obsessions have been music and moisturising. i have really gotten in to a good routine when it comes to moisturising so i am really happy about that, and i am using one that is perfect for my skin and has been doing wonders to the quality of my skin too (expect a post about that soon as well!) in regards to music i have always been a top 40 girl, but anything that comes on the radio i will probably like, anything from beyonce to mumford and sons to snoop dog to classical. the only music i don't like and seriously cannot stand (and i honestly don't know why) is jazz. just...dont get it. and blues to an extent thinking about it. but anyway! when my laptop broke i lost all my music and to be honest that was probably a good thing, there was music on my iTunes on it from when i first got it so you can imagine how embarrassing that stuff was! but now i have a new iTunes with new music and i am loving the collection i have going on right now! it really does get me ready for my day and keep me going throughout! one thing i have been doing is i have the bbc radio iplayer app so whenever a good song comes on radio 1 i just screen shot it and then i can download it later! genius! that way i am not going crazy trying to remember what that song was that was after track of the day haha. 

but anyway! enough with my life! how is everyone? i hope you are all having a great time! blog you soon (i hope!!)

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