Sunday, 16 February 2014

MAKEUP | my face base.

i realised i hadn't actually done a post like this so i thought it was time to branch out a little and try new posts! and also apologies for this not being posted the other day - as i said in my previous post we are having some serious internet issues but i am at bens now so am stealing his internet! todays will be about my every day face base - my foundation etc. i haven't strayed much from my routine for a while now, sticking to the same sort of products as i know they work well for me and stay on throughout the day.

Revlon ColourStay Foundation in 110 Ivory
Nivea Soft Moisturising Cream
Maybelline New York FitMe Concealer in 115
Maybelline New York FitMe Pressed Powder in 115 
Maybelline New York Dream Matte Mousse in 005 Porecelain


because i have a lot of things wrong with my face, for example obvious veins in some places, red undertones, very dark circles under my eyes and scarring, i need to have a high coverage foundation. having oily skin and dry patches is also very problematic for me. but i have found that these are the best products for me. the foundation, as you all know, is my all time favourite and has a very very good coverage, the concealer is excellent in hiding blemishes, the dream matte mousse i use as almost a concealer under my eyes to hide my circles as it is a shade darker than my skin (usually i am champagne i believe) so it hides the circles very well, and the powder is medium to matte in coverage and is build able on the skin without feeling heavy or like it is killing my pores. 

the nivea moisturiser is the best moisturiser i have ever used, and because of my messed up skin i use it as a primer. i find using normal primers do not work on me because of my combination skin and i find my foundation doesn't stay on when i wear primers. so this moisturiser works just as amazingly as primer and does the job better. when I'm ill it also helps soften up around my nose area where it is red and raw from blowing my nose all the time. i make sure all my makeup is off by using the Simple face wipes (expect a post about them soon!) and then i apply the moisturiser in circular motions as i find this way its absorbed in to my skin better, and i wait until my skin is touch dry and then apply foundation. i also put a little bit of moisturiser on and under my eyes before i go to sleep. 

i won't try and explain my makeup routine because people will probably judge me and tell me i am doing it wrong, but you know what? it works for me and my skin so i am sticking to it. as i have said before i do want to branch out and try some more products but at the moment i am saving and paying for other things so that shall have to wait! you probably think i like Maybelline too as i used 3 products from them, and it is true i do like them as a drug store brand but i have just found for my skin they work and they have the right coverage for me. if i found a different brand that did exactly the same i would probably move to them. saying that, i have used the dream matte mousse products since they first came out and then i hardly knew what makeup was and i used to use it as an actual foundation....looking back my skin was very angry! but of course, what was i to know? my mother didn't teach my anything! i learnt everything myself! and even then i am still learning every day!

what do you guys use on your every day face? do we use anything the same? (also special mention and picture my 'killing two birds with one stone' book page sculpture i made in sixth form that now takes pride of place on my dressing table. it is the ONLY thing i am proud of from my two years of sixth form art. so i burnt everything else and kept this. and the matilda piece i did.)

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