Wednesday, 26 February 2014

MAKEUP | new lipsticks

when i was sorting out all my makeup when i was moving i noticed i had a severe lack of lipsticks, and i thought this just cannot go on! so i decided to purchase some new ones, yay! the one on the left is by Clarins and that one i didn't buy - it was gifted to me as a sample for the new Clarins range by the lovely Holly who works on the counter in Goulds (where i work for Moda). it is a sheer lipstick with build ability and i cannot wait to start testing it out. as you can see from the swatch it is a very summery colour and could be dressed up for an evening or dressed down for a day out. 

the other three are by MUA at superdrug and are just fabulous! i wanted to get a dark red, as i have several bright reds, and a pink and i got both with a great interim colour too! this will be perfect for when i inevitably go blonde for the summer, and even for now when i go to work. from the swatch you can see the pale pink is similar to the Clarins in that it is more of a sheer colour whereas the darker pink and the red are quite bold. i think i prefer it this way as sometimes a matte, bold pink can look bad (it has to be just right for and i haven't found that pink yet!) it is also a near colour match to my Revlon pink i got a while ago, so i might have to do a dupes post on that one as MUA is such a good quality brand for such a small price!!

with pay day coming around for a lot of people, i thought it was time to start buying some more summery colours for my wardrobe, or treating myself to some high end watch this space!

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