Sunday, 9 February 2014

THE DAILY FIND | etsy stacking rings

i am always searching for more jewellery - not only for my nearly full pandora bracelet but also rings. my problem is i have little chubby sausage fingers (thanks mum!) and having long nails and wearing stacking rings and midi/knuckle rings makes them appear longer than they actually are. i have been hunting for some reasonably priced sterling silver rings like this (as i don't wear gold, only silver now, and i want them to last me!) and i thought i would have a look through etsy and see what they have. for those who don't know what etsy is, it is an online site that is the handmade equivalent to ebay. you can sell things that you have made or created yourself and everything is so reasonably priced! that is the best way to describe it - ebay for the crafty hand made seller! it is also a great community too (and i have noticed everyone is so so polite when selling and buying too!)

so i found THE most amazing stacking rings in sterling silver. they are a little different to what i wanted but when i saw them i thought no, i just have to add them to my next months wish list and have them as a daily find on my blog. so here they are.

i do apologise for the quality of the photo as i am still finding my way around some of the ins and outs of this beautiful and wonderful macbook. but how gorgeous are they? they are from Punky Bunny Designs or type in punkybunny300 and you should be able to find the shop! they have so so many gorgeous little pieces! they also have a twisted anchor ring which i really want to get too. what drew me to these were that they looked different to all of the others i saw. they have a different design on each and they are so beautiful on their own and together that you can wear them either way! i just think they are so simple and lovely and i cannot wait to add them to my wish list to get next month hopefully!

i hope everyone is alright having a good sunday! also, i want to say i hope everyone that has been flooded/is flooded is okay and my thoughts are with you!!


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  1. Wow, a gorgeous find! I actually found two packs of stackable rings in H&M last week which I'll be sharing on my blog soon. :)

    Peach Pow XO


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