Sunday, 9 March 2014

BEAUTY | my current barry m collection

even when i have stubby little nails i LOVE wearing nail varnish. i think probably because i like having colour on my nails and also when i wear nail varnish i am less inclined to bite them. and so because i am trying to grow my nails again (and trying to not cheat and buy false nails again!) i want to start wearing colour again. so with that in mind, i wanted to do a collection video of my favourite nail varnishes...and then i realised all my favourite ones are barry m. so it turned in to a barry m collection video!

 can't find the name, croc effects 323, nail effects 311

super drug limited edition F, marshmallow, sour apple, bubblegum

gold glitter, red glitter, aqua glitter, magenta glitter 

diamond glitter, super drug limited edition E, pink sapphire glitter, ruby glitter, gold mine glitter

pomegranate, watermelon, key lime 

vivid purple, raspberry, shocking pink

pink flamingo, berry ice-cream, peach melba, blueberry ice-cream, lemon ice-cream

foil effects 319, crush, super drug limited edition B, super drug limited edition A

where i currently keep them all!

so these are all the barry m polishes i could find! i know i also have one of the new silk range, called blossom i think it is, and i have a plain white and another few duplicates and i think another matte one, not sure, but having been working all day every day (yawn) i haven't had time to properly sort everything out except my clothes and makeup (priorities are in the right order i know) once i get some more during the new few months and coming in to summer with all of the new colours they are bound to have i will probably do an updated collection (or when i find my missing ones!) but for now, these are my babies.

the reason i have more barry m nail varnishes than any other brand (and i have a lot of brands, even if i have two from each! the only ones i don't have yet are OPI but i will get there one day! haha) is because i trust the quality. i mean £2.99 and £3.99?! that is not breaking the bank! and for the quality you get with them i would be willing to pay more for barry m! the colour stays on for 4 days plus, the confetti and glitters are really good quality - you get quite a lot of glitter/confetti on the brush in one stroke, you generally need only 2 coats of any of the colours...and they are decent sized bottles too! if there is anyone out there who has never tried barry m before then i would recommend it to anyone! they are one of the best nail varnish brands i have ever tried! i love essie and nails inc, i think for high end products they are great, but barry m, being a high street brand, it is just as amazing as the quality you get with these high enders. 

if you do not live in the uk, or you don't have a super drug or a boots near you, you can always order online from these sites (uk only i think) but you can order directly from the barry m website where they ship worldwide (shipping costs will obviously apply) and they currently have a great discount running at the moment so definitely go and check it out!

if anyone wants a specific review done on a certain type of nail varnish, like the silk range or the gelly ones then just leave me a comment in the box below, or drop me an email! i always love hearing from you guys!

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