Monday, 17 March 2014

CATCH UP | life as a manager

hello everyone! so i know i said i would try and blog more but things have just been so hectic this last week it has been difficult to, i just get home and collapse in a heap and just sleep really! and by the time i get home its dark so its difficult to take pictures in the artificial lighting of my room and much! but i shall try to blog a little more in the coming weeks as so much is going on and i just need a break from it and that is what blogging is for me!

so i don't know whether you know but two weeks ago my manager for MIP left and i am currently acting manager. i have kind of done this before, but then i knew that someone would be coming back in a few days so there wasn't a lot of pressure or stress or anything like that. currently there is no one and i am working 9-5:30 every day on my own, and then obviously the two weekend girls work on the weekends (durh haha). i knew that being a manager was hard, especially for our concession (and that is unfortunately one of the reasons Claire left) but it seems that at the moment there is nothing but stress. i know when i am stressed because my hair starts falling out and recently it has been happening at an alarming rate which upsets me because you all know how much i love my hair. i am also breaking out and my pores are really bad at the moment from having to wear makeup every day, my feet hurt from wearing heels every day (even though they are really comfortable it just gets painful after a day or two) and it just feels like i am not being given any help. there are some people, a lady from the Yeovil store, a lady from Plymouth and a lady from Newton Abbot (also called Amelia who i get to meet tomorrow for the first time yay!) who have been so so helpful to me and i want to write them a little thank you card, they have truly been so amazing. they have been on the end of the phone when i just need some help, or will answer my stupid little emails like 'who pays the phone bill'...they have put up with me and i am so grateful to them for everything they have done.

but i think i have decided maybe it is time to move on. i need to be a little selfish and think of myself and my health and at the moment it isn't in the greatest of shapes. after having a blood test i know i am not anaemic but my haemoglobin levels are a little lower than average apparently so i am taking multivitamins with iron to try and perk me up, and am trying to look after my hair, and put it up so i can't see it falling out all day! i am back to comfort eating (which has really upset me as well because i was doing so well) but i have not resorted back to my 'old ways' if you know what i mean, so that is a slight positive. i have been really spiralling, and it is just so much harder than i thought, not the job itself but the lack of care for staff and that has really angered me. i am nearly 19 and i am running the place on my own with virtually no help. that shouldn't happen really.

in other news, i had a day off yesterday so i spent it at bens, and when we woke up this morning i was downstairs having a tea and doing my makeup and i realised that this might be the last time i see this house. they plan on moving 29th and 30th of march and as i will be working next 2 weekends i won't be able to help unfortunately, so the next time i stay over it will be in the new house, which is crazy. it looks really really nice from the pictures and apparently it is bigger in general to the one they are in at the moment so we shall see! i hope everything goes well for them, i honestly hope it does and i wish i could be there to help!

obviously there is a big day coming up next month, my birthday!! yay!! i am doing a set on polyvore at the moment of bits and pieces on my wish list and then of course putting them on my list, but i am super excited! i can't believe its been nearly a year since my 18th! i haven't really acted like an 18 year old to be honest! i mean i haven't gone to uni, i haven't passed my driving test, i haven't gone to town a lot, I'm working two jobs, I'm a manager, i get a public bus twice a day, i still live at home...i don't really know! in some ways i am older in some ways i am younger. but i really really want my birthday to be a turning point for me. i know everyone says it but i really need to start living by the new years promises i made myself to be more happy and positive and do something with my life! in regards to that i am writing again which is a really really nice thing for me, because as well as blogging i am naturally an author, i just love writing! recently it has been poetry which is a new thing for me! i have always had a slight aversion to poetry, maybe it was over taught in school or i just don't like it in general, but recently i have found that writing poems has been really fun. ill write some down during the day and type them up or add to them and i am really enjoying it! i want to get back in to serious writing soon as that has always been my dream but, as with many things at the moment, the best laid plans never do run their course!

i hope everyone has had a great week, and that this week is even better for you! i will try and get a blog post out during the week but until then have a good few days and i will blog you soon!

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