Sunday, 2 March 2014

CATCH UP | photoshop and keyboard protectors

as i try to do every week or so, i like to write a little catch up, so you guys can have a nosy into my life and i can just have a natter with you...well, it is very one sided but still! this week, although i have been busy working, has been a relatively quiet and easy one by all accounts. it has been pay week for everyone (including me yayy!) so i have saved and spent what i need to this month and now just to get the week to week little bits and bobs! as you saw, i did have a bit of a lipstick splurge, and i did also buy some new MUA nail polishes from their new Spring/Summer colours, so i might have to do a little post on them soon!

i thought about the things i actually needed when i got paid and the only thing i could actually think of was an outer case and keyboard protector for my MacBook. where i am taking it back and forth to bens nearly every week and using it every day (too much every day) it is getting dirty quicker than i wanted. but i am looking after it and cleaning so it stay sparkly! but i decided to get a a hard case for the outside and one of those silicone rubbery keyboard protectors you just lay on it and hey presto! so i did, and what better colour to have than pink!! i shall post a picture on my instagram at some point of them cause they just make my MacBook look super cute, and they match the pink foam sleeve i have too! yay! now i just need pink I'm joking! haha!

i have also 'acquired' photoshop recently, i think its CS6, so quite a new one. now that i have some proper editing i shall *fingers crossed* be having better quality pictures, better headers and such, and also hopefully be able to make some videos as i keep saying i will but i do want to branch out an try other aspects of blogging and get my bloggyness out there (even though I KNOW thats not a word!)

i also went on a house viewing today with ben and his parents. i say house, it was a bungalow, but it was really nice. it was in crossways, situated between where they live, bovington, and the main town, dorchester, and was a 15 minute walk from the local train station and has a college bus for ben to get on, so it looked really promising. the only problem was that it had 3 reasonably sized bedrooms and a lush loft conversion (ben has bagged that as his 'lads pad') once you got a wardrobe and a double bed in there it wouldn't be decently sized at all. so they are still looking, they do have till the end of may. for those of you who don't know (and that might be a fair few thinking about it) ben and his parents currently rent, and unfortunately a week ago their tenant told them that he wanted to sell the property and could they be out by the end of may. he was really apologetic about it as they have been living there 7 years now, but out of the properties he owns this one is the biggest. so they are looking for somewhere to move to that is accessible, close to bens mums parents, close to amenities or transport and is a good location, so they are still looking. and hopefully, once a decision is made and they do move, i may be moving with them. so things are happening a lot sooner than i thought. ben and i originally thought it would be a summer thing, moving me in, but maybe it will be sooner!

i have also started exercising again. i know i know, i am surprised in myself! after being a smoker for 3 years now and having...not an unhealthy lifestyle but being on a 'see food' diet (get it, pun there ha!) i have just become so lethargic and just blergh. no i don't want to necessarily change my appearance as i love my curves i just want to be fitter and healthier...if that makes sense! so I've started doing little and often - changing portion sizes, not snacking, sit ups and squats every night, i bought a nicolite e-cigarette too. slow and steady wins the race they so!

as usual, life just carries on, and we deal with it the best we can. fingers crossed things are starting to look up and stay up now, and hopefully this blasted rain will stop too!!

have a great week every one!!

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