Sunday, 9 March 2014

FASHION | new work shoes

hello lovely people! two blog posts in one day, wow! but i need your help with a very very important decision - SHOES!! 2 or 3 times a year we get an extra bit of discount on a pair of shoes from the new collection to wear at work, and i have my mind set on a pair. but flicking through instagram and new look and topshop and places like that i have seen a style of shoe come up all the time. and now i am thinking have i made the right choice? both styles i have tried and love and are comfortable as heck (if you follow me on instagram you have probably seen one pair of them!) but which ones do you guys prefer?

i have put the style name and colour they are in next to them so that if anyone wants to get them it is easier for them to find, but which do you guys prefer? or shall i just say yolo to the world and get both? leave me a comment below, or on instagram, or an email, whichever way you like!! would love your help in choosing!


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