Saturday, 29 March 2014

MAKEUP | my new No7 products

sorting out my purse the other day i found some vouchers to get £3 off No7 at boots. obviously, i am a woman, i never pass up an opportunity to get money off makeup! so i thought i would have a browse on the boots website to see what there was and i saw that if you bought 2 or more No7 products you got a free gift. EVEN BETTER! so i went in to boots on my lunch break friday and had a lovely chat with the lady there and walked out with about £40 worth of goods for £12.75. they didn't have exactly what i wanted, but i got something else instead. i wanted to get the Radiance Highlighter which basically looks like a chubby lip crayon but is a highlighter. unfortunately they didn't have any, as the lady told me when people review things online they run out of them very quickly. so i said that i wanted them a) for my makeup bag and b) to review online and we laughed haha.

so i didn't actually know what came in the free gift till i got it home but it looked so pretty i didn't care! in fact what came in it was perfect for me, literally just what i needed! i know that they are small size, but it gives me a chance to test them out before i get the larger things (although after today i think i will be getting ALL of them in the larger size!!)

so this is what came in the free gift! it had a skin illuminator radiance boosting beauty fluid in peach, high shine lip crayon in delicate pink, stay perfect eyeshadow from the cappuccino trio and exceptional definition mascara in black. i used the beauty fluid and the mascara today and i am so over the moon with them, i cannot wait to do a review on them! i will definitely be repurchasing them in a larger size! the beauty fluid you can wear on its own or you can wear it under makeup, so i wore it under my makeup, almost as a primer, and it had a slight shimmer to it (so could be used as a BB cream to an extent i suppose) and it really helped my makeup stay on all day! i was so so happy! and the mascara was brilliant too!

these are the two products i bought to get the gift free. it is the pop and glow cream blush in rose blossom and the lip liner in fire. i have had cream blushers before and just haven't got on with them but this one is fantastic! it slides on really easily, it blends beautifully, and because i went for the lighter shade it means it is build able, and it isn't a quick transition from pale pink to bright is genuinely build able, you could get any shade of blush you want from this just by applying more. and it doesn't even look 'cakey' when you apply more which is great, because it blends so well it still looks really natural! with the lip liner, as i said above, it wasn't an intentional buy, but i don't think i have ever had a lip liner, or if i have it was probably years ago when i didn't even know what a lip liner was! and this colour is fantastic! it is a perfect match to my avon red and collection red which is great, so i can wear this as a liner or as a base for them! super excited to use it either tomorrow when we go out for a meal, or on monday for work!

look out on blog in the next few days for a review on these because they are just so wonderful! i can't wait to get the radiance highlighter when it comes back in stock in my local boots. if these products are anything to go by it will be fantastic! 

i don't think i have had many No7 products before, if any! for christmas i did get a little set from my up north grandparents containing 2 neutral eyeshadows, a mascara and nail polish, and i use the eye shadows every day, so i can't wait to incooperate these products in to my routine! having seen reviews on No7 products they are great value for money so we shall see what they are like for me!

also - only a week ago i was thanking you guys for 16,000 views and now i am 500 more! you guys are truly amazing and it honestly means so so much to me that you read my little blog! i try so hard with it, to make it interesting yet 'me' and for you guys to have given me 500 views in a week is just amazing! again, i know to some bloggers they get 500 in an hour, but i am not 'internet famous' so for me 500 is the world! so THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!! kisses and hugs and love sent to you all!!

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