Sunday, 23 March 2014

WISHLIST | my birthday

another year has come and gone so quickly, feels like only yesterday i was a size 10 and was making a post about my amazing 18th birthday. now i work two jobs, have no qualifications, have hair falling out due to stress, moving out in the next month and at the moment not a lot of future prospects. but one thing keeps me going...well two. my birthday and the pay day afterwards (the one where i will get all this over time, BIG shopping trip planned i tell you!)

i thought i would throw together a little wish list of some of things on my birthday list for you to have a nosy at. casually sat here with a glass of wine after, yet another, rubbish day at work. i have to say i think half my list was makeup i can't afford normally and the other half was handbags (oops) so i tried to not make this wish list just those two haha.

pear and pink magnolia hand cream - crabtree and evelyn
mermaid sterling silver charm - pandora
nice and neutral nail varnish trio - eyeslipsface
combined office city bag - zara
warm shimmer and sun power palettes - zoeva
half sleeve large spot crop top - new look
watermelon iphone 5 case - etsy

this year i really wanted to keep my birthday list simple. i don't want things too expensive or too extravagant, i would just like some small little things to keep my happy and entertain me. at the end of the day, all the over time i am doing this month i will get after my birthday so i can always go on a nice big shopping trip after my birthday and treat myself too. but as you all know i love birthdays and i can't wait! i don't know what ill be doing yet because i don't know what my job situation will be, but obviously i will keep you posted!

also - i have just seen - HAPPY 16,000 VIEWS TO ME! wow, what a great way to end a really rubbish week! thank you to everyone who follows my blog, or follows me on any sort of social media. you know how much these views mean to me and i cannot wait for the next thousand! i shall have to plan something for the next thousand...something special! i feel i haven't done that yet! but a huge THANK YOU to all of you!!

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