Wednesday, 2 April 2014

CATCH UP | new phones and new smiles.

so it has been a long week, with not a lot to make me feel any better than last week. as you will probably have read in my 'life as a manager' catch up post, things haven't been on the 'jazzy' side. however the last few days have not been too bad. i have had today off and i have tomorrow off so i am currently sat on ben's new bed in his new house, yay! it is a really nice place, even though its parents aren't 100% happy. at least its a double bed, makes me miss mine so much! 

i looked up on my orange account last night when i can upgrade to a new phone. i knew it must be some time in april as i knew thats when i got my 4S two years ago. little did i know i could have upgraded at the beginning of march, oopsie! however when i went in to town today before i met ben i got a new phone in 20 minutes. slightly higher contract, but i get more data with it so hopefully i won't go over as much as i have been, its a gorgeous 5S in silver and i am sooooo in love. if i didn't have ben i would be marrying my new phone right now. i am setting it up and getting all my apps and music sorted on to it and it makes me happy. i know it sounds ridiculous but it has given me a reason to smile, and with so little to have smiled about lately it is a very nice comfort. i had almost forgotten how to do it! being sad and pathetic the first thing i download was instagram (oops!!) and obviously being sad and pathetic took a delightful selfie with ben. and before you start singing it, yes, i did say to ben 'but first, let me take a selfie' and i have NO shame in that fact haha. 

on another note, it is two weeks till my birthday, yay! and that also makes me a little happier. it means i can see my friends again after so so long (i honestly miss them so much) i went to portland on sunday for a mothers day meal with my grandparents and we drove past one of my friends houses and i started crying when i was thinking about it. they have been such an important part of my life, some longer than others, and i wish them every luck at university and i know they will do great, but despite being left here, and due to no ones fault but my own, i still miss them. i wish could have made more of an effort in the last year to see them, but work has really hindered me. hopefully once things get sorted out i will be able to see them more often and go and visit them. fingers crossed! but i can't wait to see them and just have a good time like we used too!

anyway, i hope everyone has had a good week, and i shall blog you later. also, thank you to everyone who has supported me these last few weeks, with the comments on instagram, or the texts, or really means a lot to me to know you guys are here and you care. so thank you very much!! big hugs and kisses to you all!

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