Tuesday, 8 April 2014

HAIR | new changes

all of you are aware of the relationship i have with my hair. it is literally my life. it changes with me. 99% of the time it is the colour that changes - blonde, brunette, ombre, red...the list seems endless. but recently i have been toying with the idea of changing the length of it. it was something that appealed to my but never thought i would do. my hair is my life, i judge time with it which sounds ridiculous but it works. the thought of changing my length was like yeahhhh but no. i go on weheartit a lot and people with plaits and big buns and pretty hair just makes me want to grow my hair longer and longer. i know the pain it causes, trust me, i used to not brush my hair for weeks on end and bleach it every other week, i would take the pain of length over all of the other problems I've had. 

and then the short haired photos started appearing - mainly of someone called kylie jenner (not sure who she is but god damn i hate her) and thats when things started to change. it started to be come a real thing for me to change my length. maybe it would make me look older? maybe it would change my perspective on things? it would definitely be easier to maintain thats for sure! and with everything that has been happening the past few weeks i needed a hair change.

i did a post on my hair about a year or so ago (link here) but obviously so so much has changed in the two years since. for example at half past 5 today i went through with everything i had been planning and avoiding doing.

so yes, i had the chop! the two blonde pictures above are the last time i was this short - and these were from 2010, so its taken me 4 years to grow my hair and i went and chopped it. sat here typing this post and looking at the pictures of me with my long hair i miss it already, but like going red (which i am in love with and don't want to change anytime soon) it is something i will have to get used too. i can grow it back out, get the style changed...whatever i want. it is long enough for me to tie up which is a good thing. sure every day i will probably wake up and hate myself for what i have done, but i needed a change. i need a new start, i need something to change for me right now and maybe my hair was the wrong thing but now i know. i know its my birthday in a week, and i cannot wait for that, i am so excited, and i am very excited to see all my friends, but i am really struggling at the moment and i needed a change.  and a change in my life means a hair change. my hair dresser was so lovely and did it bit by bit for me so it was a straigt change and she made sure i was happy every step of the way, which made the process slightly easier for me. 

change is supposed to happen for us to grow. maybe this is my time to grow up.

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  1. Your hair looks lovely :)


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