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HAUL | pay day magic

it is that magical time of the month when we all get paid and all our money goes on bills and cars and all sorts of rubbish that we hate to love. however, as my pay is going back down next month, and i have worked jolly hard these last few months, i thought it time to truly treat myself. i have never really had anything 'high end' before (unless you count revlon and no7 which i personally don't cause i can still afford it on a whim) but luckily for me, and unluckily for my poor bank account, there is a clarins and clinique concessional stands where i work during the week, and after watching icovetthee on youtube (find her blog here, she is amazing i love her i wish my blog was as perfect as hers) i decided it was about time to invest in some worthwhile products. besides, i have been thinking for a while that i need to sort my skin out, wearing makeup every day is really taking a toll for the worst, and stress isn't helping either!

i also wanted to get a few me me me pieces, things i want rather than actually 'need'. there are still one or two pieces i want to get, but they aren't essential and i can wait for them as with the rest of this months money i have more important things to pay for sadly!

Charles Worthington Volume and Bounce Shampoo and Conditioner - we have all seen my hair and we all know my back combing issue/addiction. however since having it cut short the quality is amazing, but i just want that extra little lift in it,  and as this was on offer i thought it would be a great opportunity to try and get some volume and bounce in it haha.

L'oreal Paris 3 in 1 Micellar Water - i have heard so many good things about this product and i am hoping they are true! a lot of people use the Garnier one, but i wanted to try the L'oreal one to see what that was like, and then maybe get the other later as a comparison. having only used it possibly twice it hasn't done too badly!

Rimmel London Match Perfection in 010 Light Porcelain - i am always looking for an alternative to my revlon colourstay foundation, as although i love it and it is the closest i have found to my natural colour it is just a fraction too dark. after speaking to the gorgeous Georgia Rose (her blog is here) on instagram she uses this foundation and says it is brilliant, so i thought hey, why not give it a go! plus Rimmel London are currently on offer in Superdrug, as Superdrug are celebrating their 50th birthday, so it is buy one get one half price plus a free nail varnish too but unfortunately they didn't have any left!

Rimmel London Apocalips in Luna - this is what i got as my half price product. i needed a new powder but they didn't have a shade to match the foundation, so i got a new apocalips instead! i have apocalyptic which i bought when they first came out, and i thought Luna would be a lovey shade for the summer as it is a peachy pink nude colour, which is what i really want to get more of. all my lipsticks are bright pinks or reds, or very sheer colours that only have a hint of colour, which i am not too keen on. so i really want to invest in some nude colours, and i thought this colour would be a great introduction in to the world of nude lipsticks! i really like the way it sits on my lips and how it can be glossy or matte, so i am excited to try this out.

Barry M Aquarium Collection in Mediterranean - this is one of the last two of the new Aquarium collection by Barry M that i needed. this has to be my favourite colour as it is the pink shade, and as we all know i am a fan of pink! being a two tone shade, as most of the collection is, it has a goldish tint to it in the light, so i cannot wait to wear this and see how it looks on!

Barry M Aquarium Collection in Treasure Chest - the last one for my collection so finally i have finished it! haha, like Mermaid, Treasure Chest is a glitter/confetti style varnish with a mixture of gold, silver, bronze and copper pieces which look great on the nail, as an accent or on top of a base coat. i think this would look great as an accent nail with Caspian, which is a gold coloured two tone (look on my IG for an example of Pacific with Mermaid as an accent!)

Barry M Gelly Hi Shine in Papaya - i put this varnish on my birthday list, it was one of many (i have a slight addiction) and as they were on offer i thought i would get it. it is not an orange and not a coral, it is a nix of the two which i like. i am not an orange nail varnish person, so if you are like me then this is a great colour for the summer. i really like the gelly range from Barry M as they stay on your nails for a long time and they have a great opaque style colour even with one coat. they do have another colour called Mango which is more orange and i think i will try that out, as having red hair or when i go blonde in the summer i think an orange will look really good, so i shall just have to introduce oranges to my collection slowly! they are quite a few really nice gelly shades that i want to get, so better start making a list!

Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge - my mum and my grandma accidentally got me the sam present for my birthday so i chose this as an alternative for my grandma to get me. it is one of the few real techniques products i didn't have so i am really excited to try this out. it is taking some getting used to but i know youtube and the many people i follow will help me with that! it is so soft on the face though, and at the moment i am just using it on my concealer and it seems to be doing a good job so far! i am hoping to invest in the travel essentials kit as Lauren Curtis who i follow on youtube and absolutely adore (find her channel here) uses the multi task brush quite a lot so i want to try that out!

Clinique Take The Day Off Cleansing Balm - icovetthee was the person who introduced this to me, and like i said before i am lucky that there is a concession for this where i work, so i got to chat to the Clinique lady and she uses this as well and swears by it, and i have used it twice now and am really surprised with it! for those who haven't seen it before it is a solid balm that when you start rubbing it on your face dissolves in to an oil consistency and literally melts your makeup off. it is brilliant and when i wipe it off doesn't leave my skin feeling oily or tight, just smooth and i love that! it apparently lasts for ages, so i won't have a need to repurchase for a while! i shall HAVE to do a review on this soon! for £21 this is a steal!

Clarins Daily Energizer Wake-Up Booster - this is again an absolute steal! i use this in the morning after cleansing and just put a little on a cotton pad and wipe it over my face and it literally just brightens my skin up and provides a really nice base for my primer and foundation. it smoothens the skin and brightens it, which being really pale is a good thing for me when i am wearing minimal makeup! i know i am always saying that i want a high coverage foundation that is pale enough for me, but using this does help i am finding, it provides an even clean base for my makeup, and like i said on a day where i don't wear a lot of makeup (mainly on a saturday or sunday) it helps my skin to breath.

Clinique CC Cream and Anti Blemish Solutions Clearing Gel - these were two free products the lovely Clinique lady gave me! i got given so many free samples so i am excited to try them and potentially repurchase the large size! I haven't tried the CC cream yet, but it is something i really want to try. wearing makeup every day does have a bad impact on my skin, so hopefully wearing a CC or BB cream once or twice a week will help! i will, obviously, still wear my normal eye makeup, but this will be great as a base. the blemish gel is an absolute god send as i am really breaking out at the moment, so fingers crossed this will help a little bit! you need the tiniest bit and i put it on my spots before i go to bed after I've taken everything off and moisturised and cleansed. i haven't noticed a difference yet, but i have only used it twice! as a new product for Clinique i have high hopes! i got these two in sample size but i have linked to the full size products.

Clinique 3 Step Introduction Kit Skin Type 3 - again i got this in sample size, but there are 4 different kits for different skin types. this is for oily skin, as i have combination skin but it is more oily, i only have patchy areas of dry  this is, as it says, a 3 step kit to help the condition of the face. it comes with a facial soap, moisturising gel and clarifying lotion. super excited about these 3 steps as i have heard really good things about the combination of this kit.

Clarins Pure Melt Cleansing Gel and Daily Energiser Cream - small samples from Clarins so i am very excited about these too! i got given four of the energiser creams and two of the cleansing gels. the gel is Clarins answer to the Clinique cleansing balm, so it will be interesting to see which one is better! the energiser cream can be used on its own or with the wake up booster, so i can't wait to see what the combination of the two will do to my skin! the cleansing gel contains Maruala oil which helps with 'radiance and comfort'. the energiser cream can be used as a primer/moisturiser for the base of makeup, so we will see how it compares to my Nivea moisturiser which i use as a base at the moment.

i am really really excited to try all of these products, and i cannot wait to review them and see how they have affected my skin!

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