Thursday, 17 April 2014

ME | birthday 2014

hello my lovelies! i hope everyone is lovely and is enjoying this gorgeous weather we are having! as EVERYONE will know tuesday was my birthday! i cannot believe it has been a year since i was 18 (and for those who didn't know me when i was 18 here is the blogpost i did on my 18th) i still can't believe its been a whole year since it was my 18th, thats crazy! this year was great and it was lovely to have the day off work, yay, a day off for once haha. i was really blessed this year with my presents and my company, and i can't wait to go out on saturday and see all my friends again, it has been way too long!

i thought for my post this year i would do a little haul post, as it only being another birthday and not a big one theres not a lot i can say haha. pictures honestly can't do my presents justice so i tried the best i could! in regards to the clothing, the cropped spotty top is new look and the other three items are boohoo (my first ever boohoo products yay!!)

as you can see i have been so so lucky this year! i cannot wait to do a review on the naked 3, i haven't touched it yet!! i love my new phone case too, and i cannot wait to bake in my new belle apron! my presents from ben i haven't posted because you will all think i am completely loopy but i shall post a pic of one below for you because it is pretty amaze balls, and i have more present which didn't arrive on time unfortunately but i know what it is cause its something i showed him not long ago! oh i am so happy with everything, and now i am even more excited for this weekend! i bought a dress last year for my tenerife holiday and don't think i have ever worn it. i leo found out today that it is a size 8 but look how well it fits!! and it is fabulous and will go great with my red hair so i can't wait to paint the town with it! i am teaming it with a yellow stud clutch shoulder bag, and it is such a great combo, it is hanging in front of my bed and it just makes me so happy when i wake up and see it! haha

i hope everyone has a great weekend and if i have any slightly sober pictures i shall post them for you all! kisses!!

PS - I HAVE HIT 17,000 VIEWS! THANK YOU SO MUCH TO EVERYONE WHO READS MY BLOG - THE PEOPLE WHO LOOK EVERY DAY, THE PEOPLE WHO COME ACROSS IT BY ACCIDENT! I AM SO SO GRATEFUL TO EACH AND EVERY ONE OF YOU! without you guys this wouldn't be possible and i wouldn't keep going with all of this. but i love it, and knowing you guys do too (even just a smidge) keeps me going! so thank you so so much, i wish i could hug all of you!

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