Sunday, 4 May 2014

INTERVIEW | fashion with Jamie

wanting to try something new on here, I thought I would try and bring some more fashion in to my blog. its been a while since I did something fashion related, so thought it was about time. I currently follow someone on Instagram, and who works in the same shop as me just on different days. he is fabulous with a capital F. he is the female version of Sharpay and oh my lord his fashion sense is unreal! he could put Vivienne Westwood to shame! Jamie Windust is literally my fashion inspo, and i wanted to feature him so you could all see what i see.

when did you start getting in to fashion?
most likely it has always been an underlying passion but i mainly started focusing on it last summer.

who were your fashion inspirations when you started, and who would you say are your inspirations now?

that's a tough questions because i don't ant to and arrogant but in a way i am my own inspiration, i just do things for myself and whatever i want! i like to be my own person and it's just fun!

i know what you mean! making things your own! what's you favourite item of clothing at the moment?

i'd say my new glam silver shoes i put on instagram last night (find link here)

what do you think is the new trend for the late spring/summer? anything new you fancy getting in bulk?

i'm saying metallics and chrome, and also seen pattern on patter but not crazy, just like subtle patterns. then theres also the midi skirt down to the knees, they're so cute! seen them in the new spring/summer ranges for the high street. also there's the bright colour contrasts, bright yellow is my favourite!

good choice i agree! where do you shop most often, i mean whats your favourite high street store and whats your favourite charity shop, as i know you love charity shopping, the bargains are great!\

i shop mainly at asos and topshop because i don't care about gender stereotypes which confuses a lot of people but hey ho! yeah i love charity shops, Salvation Army is great! and i love vintage cute shops on ebay as well! love Custard Hall in Dorch as well, its fabulous!

good for you, be loud and proud! okay, if you had to go on a catwalk in a minute, what from your wardrobe would you throw on?

i'd say my oversized velvet black coat, black cut out boots, black socks, skinny means and my cute abstract shirt thats purple and blue with my chequered black and white bag and matching sunnies!

very devil wears prada! if you could meet anyone from the fashion world, dead or alive, who would it be?

oh good question! i'm going to say Henry Holland because he's great with making exciting mens clothes, and Kate Moss just because she's so glamorous and amazing and just flawless!

i know! okay i think this is my final question - if you could give advice to someone in your boat, who wants to be slightly out there and wear what they want no matter what, what would you say to them?

id literally say just believe in yourself and before you decide to wear whatever take time out to get to know yourself and feel confident in yourself, because otherwise if you don't and just are self conscious and just go out there, and then see people laughing and staring you will crumble. you need to just be strong and just not give a shit! like obviously i give a shit when people stare and laugh but i care about 5% of the time!

i am so glad Jamie let me interview him (over Facebook but still counts!) he is so fabulous, and i think if i had his strength when i was 17 i would be a more confident person today. people like us had to learn the hard way, but he has come out of it shining and fabulous, jazz hands galore! if i could go shopping with anyone it would be him. he would be like me favourite shopping buddy ever (except for ben but obviously ben always pays so its different haha) 

find this perfect specimen of man here on his instagram, and just look at his outfits urgh to DIE for! i am always excited to see what he comes up with! maybe next pay day he and i can go charity shopping!


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