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FASHION | how to style a kimono

how to style the kimono

i am in love with the idea of kimono's! they are the best thing to keep on you when going out for the day, as a coat or jacket is always too much, but when that cold breeze hits you need something on. lightweight and compact, and perfect designs for summer, the kimono has to be this years essential summer pick. 

this one is from New Look and retails at a mere £14.99! it is long line with a mid/short sleeve, and is best worn a size up so that it is baggy and floaty. at the moment this is my current favourite, and i have looked at every single one i can find online, even had a quick look on ebay and amazon! when i get one i really don't want one that everyone will have, or everyone will see, i just want something different, but i cannot find one that i love more than this. i am not a green or blue wearing person, but turquoise with florals is always a staple summer look. 

for this outfit, i wanted to keep things simple, as the kimono is so bright. teaming my sandals and accessories with the kimono adds the tie in that an outfit needs, but it is not over powering so cannot be classed as a 'colour block gone wrong'! a simple white cropped bralet/t-shirt keeps things light and airy, and wearing pale coloured jeans, i believe these are classed as 'acid wash' keep everything in key with one of the summer's trends which is back to basics. aviator shades are always, again, a staple summer product, although with this a bright coloured pair of ray bans could be worn, but i prefer the way aviators look on me. with accessories it is a case of personal taste. these sandals i actually already have, from Moda in Pelle, and due to the simple style they do not draw attention to themselves, as well as the colour tying in perfectly with the kimono. the beaded cuff was an easy find from Peacocks and again ties in with the colours of the kimono, making the outfit simple yet collaborated. usually i am not one to wear a cuff bracelet as i have quite fat fingers and wrists and feel they accentuate these features more, but even some simple silver bangles would work with this. handbags with something like this is always difficult, as i am a big believer in 'the bolder the better' when it comes to bags. often my handbag is the 'statement' piece to my outfit, look on my instagram to see my bright orange one i have been using recently! i think with this outfit, however, a simple bag is needed, and i chose a white backpack. a small over the shoulder bag or satchel would look great too, but in plain colours like white or cream.

to turn the kimono from a day to night outfit, i would add pointed toe heels, either in a plain colour or a bright one, although i would not choose black! the bag could be replaced with an oversized clutch, for example the Megan clutch from missguided, and i would probably choose a bright colour. for daytime i would keep it simple, but night time i would go neons and brights, but not colour block, so keep the outfit simple again, with whites and pastels, but the accessories could be brighter than a day time look.

i am definitely investing in at least one kimono this year, and if you do as well i hope this has given you some inspiration as to some of the ways you can wear it.

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  1. I've been searching for kimonos all day and I've found so many I love, I'm definitely going to have to pick one to begin with as I know I'd get a lot of use out of it!

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