Wednesday, 4 June 2014

HAUL | time for a treat

after everything this past month i thought it was about blooming time i got something nice for myself. my family and ben will hate me for saying that, and i know exactly what their response will be - "well you buy yourself pandoras and makeup all the time how is tahat not treating yourself?" well my silly family, what you fail to realise is makeup is a necessity for me and where i wear it every day it runs out a lot quicker than it used to. and the pandoras, well, i bought myself a ring last month and that was it so shush now. shush....shuussshhhhh.

pay day is a glorious time, as although i have bills to pay, and now i have to pay over £50 a week for travel because of my bus, i have worked very hard for the money i am getting and so do want to spend some on myself. usually i am quite good and only get a few bits and pieces, but i decided that as i have a day off i wanted to go a little crazy. so i did! photographing all the pictures today it doesn't seem like that much, but i did buy ben some things too so thats probably where the extra bag weight came from (not that i carried the bags, bless him, he kept calling himself bag boy!)

so these were my beauty purchases! the aromatherapy samples and pore-fessional from benefit were free gifts with magazines...i bought the magazines just for the free samples, oops! can i just right now, i have used the pore-fessional about 3 times now and oh my lord nothing that has ever graced my face has been so wonderful! my makeup has stayed on all day, it creates an instant matte effect that i like that you only need a teeny tiny bit! i am so so happy and will definitely be buying the full size version! the shampoo and conditioner were from boots as they had a 3 for 2 offer on and i needed some more, plus i am really liking the charles worthington products! the benefit and soap and glory mascaras are my favourite all time mascaras and i thought as i am in boots i shall repurchase, as i haven't had them in a long time! with essie...oh my lord i love essie! this was £8.99 but worth every penny! i love having long nails as i naturally have short stubby fingers and i find when i have long nails it makes my fingers look longer, and it means i can do more nail things with them. i recently filled all mine back down again as i broke 4 in 3 days and so i bought this to try and help my nails grow stronger! i have only used it once, but being essie i am hopeful!

now, the makeup brushes. i might have to do a post for these on their own. the post i did a few years back on a big Fraulein3'8 makeup brush kit i got for christmas is still one of my most popular posts, but i found this online and thought it would be great for contouring in a subtle fashion. i was proven right. and it is so soft, softer than the brushes i got in the kit, so it is definitely getting a place in my everyday brush holder! and the sigma...the emoticon with a smiley face with hearts for eyes is what i need right here. having been addicted to Lauren Curtis on youtube since i found her she uses this brush religiously. however it is like £20 and i cannot justify that on a makeup brush. HOWEVER ebay was my friend one night so i got the coveted F20 for a fraction of the price and i do not think i have ever used a better brush! it is softer than my real techniques, not as large and picks up powder beautifully. it is perfection in brush form!!

and these are the clothes i got! looking back it would have probably been wiser of me to wait to get my summer wardrobe until i actually had days off and got some more work clothes or some more leggings and tights, because all mine have holes in, but hey ho, when have i done anything remotely sensible recently?! i just fell in love with everything, and don't ask me why i got everything that had collars i don't know i just really like the way collars look on me! i wanted to get clothes (apart from the dress) that i could wear with jeans or leggings or a skirt...things that were simple and versatile, and i think i achieved that. please excuse the mahoosive belly i have in the dress, it's called "eating my stress away every day" so yeah! despite that, i am super happy with all the clothes i bought, and as you will probably know if you follow me on instagram or twitter i have already work the long sleeved floral top and it is my favourite purchase ever! it is lower at the back (which is why i did a side shot) which kind of covers up my bum and defeats the object of leggings, but it flows really nicely and although i am not a gold person, the small gold buttons it has really add to the piece!

also forgot to say please excuse the washing basket in the pictures, probably should have moved it but what is done is done!!

the two tops that are the same i wanted to get because they are just lovely light weight simple boyfriend t-shirts that i can just throw on and walk out the door in, and i love the slightly rolled up sleeve (i know, i have been a little behind the fashions recently!) but i thought mint green and the dusky pink colour would be great for the summer as, like i said, they are so versatile and will go with anything! i can see myself now with that on, leggings, my aviators, hair up in a messy bun and sandals on just walking around dorchester like such a cool kid...god i need a life!!

so that is everything i think! obviously as you will probably know i signed up to birch box this month too so i will be doing a post on that at some point this week hopefully, and as well as that i have some exciting new things for you too! i am so happy to be able to do a few promotional posts for people soon as well, i never thought that would happen ( i feel like a real blogger now!!) so look out for that!!

i hope you guys are all okay, and i am sorry this has taken a week to do, but as you will probably know and have guessed from my last post things are a little hectic at the moment, and as of monday they got a little more hectic!!

OH!! i forgot to post one more thing i got this month too! can anyone guess what it is?

yup! got a new tattoo! this one was impromptu and unplanned (well, i decided a week ago i wanted it). if you guys have been reading my blog for a while, and if you have can i say first thanks and second good on your for managing to read my ramblings, you will probably have seen my 'tattoos' post which is in fact my third top viewed post of all time (i shall link it here for you) and since i posted that obviously things have changed and my ideas have changed. in fact reading the post back everything has changed. i want to keep the same essence and meanings but my styles are different too, i dress differently, i act differently, my long term goals are different, and considering everything i have been through recently this was perfect. i just decided to get it done, emailed the lads on saturday and went down yesterday to get it done. it is more perfect than i could have imagined, and it is now the background on my phone to remind me to just take a step back and breathe once in a while. you guys all have heard about everything that has been going on, and i failed my theory again (by one effing point!!) and my transport and work problems and sometimes i forget to just stop and think for a moment instead of running around like a headless chicken panicking and crying every five minutes. so yeah, it's beautiful and i love it and i cannot wait to get my next one next month hopefully! 

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