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BEAUTY | avon haul

not a lot of people will have heard of avon. you will probably have heard the phrase 'avon calling' or have seen the mother trying to sell it in Edward Scissorhands, but its not exactly like that. my mum has been selling avon for as long as i can remember, it is probably where i got my first bits of makeup. when i was on a limited budget at clintons i couldn't afford avon, which was a shame as the quality is second to none. however, i was flicking through the latest catalogue and saw, much to my delight, a lot of promotions - 2 for £12, 2 for £10 and 2 for £8 - so obviously i got a few things! i am so happy i did, as i believe the only things on avon i had in my makeup bag were 2 lipsticks and a dark blue nail polish! i don't know if you would class avon as high end or high street, but whichever it is - if someone near you is selling avon i would try and get a hold of some products as they are honestly incredible!

so these are all products i have never had before, which isn't a big deal because the turn over for makeup isn't that great at the moment. the eye shadow primer is something i have wanted to try for a long time, not necessarily avon, but just in general. i wore a lot more eye shadow when i was at Moda, but i do still wear a little every day, and obviously when i have a day off and i am going somewhere i wear a lot. the consistency is thinner than that of maybelline dream matte mousse, that is the best way to describe it, but is lighter and more blend able. it goes on so easily and you can't even feel it is on your lid! the lipstick is in the shade 'hibiscus' and the photo doesn't do the colour justice. if its possible, it is a subtle and stand out pink/coral colour, and looks amazing on! it would compliment any skin tone, as because it is a corally pink it can go well with tan and with pale skin (yippee!!) the foundation, in their lightest shade 'ivory' is definitely something i wanted to try regardless. avon are very good with their colours, and are very true to skin tones. they do have a variety of shades, although could do with some more. i have tried this twice so far and it is a very good colour. you need hardly any, and one small pump is enough for me. it is medium coverage when blended in properly (and i say that as it is a little thinner than i am used to) and can definitely be built up easily. i have shown a picture of my current favourite foundation and the avon one to show the colour difference. the rimmel one is an almost identically match to my skin, and the avon is pretty close, although it does look a little orange in that picture, in real life it is very close. the concealer is, again, in their lightest shade, fair, and is a foundation stick. it is not thick and heavy like most stick concealers, it is very smooth and very blend able! this is hands down my favourite concealer already! it isn't fantastic for covering spots or old spot scars, however it makes up for that in covering redness and my under eye circles - it does that perfectly! i cannot express how super excited i am about this, i cannot even describe what it is like - you have to try it for yourself! now, lip crayons is something i want to get in to, as although i have always been a matte lipstick person, these are truly great! i currently have a clinique, no7 and MUA one and i haven't used them a lot but i do love them and oh lord...this is amazing. i will have to instagram a picture of it! the smell alone is perfection! you know haribo tangfastics, the sour cherries? this smells EXACTLY like them. as i am writing this i am wearing it just so i can smell it! it is almost like it is glittery when you are wearing it, and it is very easy to apply, very smooth! the brush i bought for contouring, as it seems like everyone i watch on youtube use a slanted brush for contouring so i thought hey, why not, its on offer! this is very soft and i have yet to use it, but it looks a perfect size!

if you have any questions about any of the products then please contact me, but honestly if you know someone who sells avon i would invest in some products - they are amazing quality for the price you pay!!


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  1. I'd regard Avon as being high end not because of the prices but cuz of the high quality products they have to offer. You're lucky to have your mum selling Avon....must be amazing.
    I posted an Avon haul on my blog, I'd appreciate it if you could take some time to check it out. Thanks. Lovely post! xx


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