Tuesday, 8 July 2014

FASHION | Kelly Brook Summer 2014

kelly brook summer collection 2014

for those of you who have followed me for a while you will remember i made a post last year about the new Kelly Brook swimwear collection for New Look. having been looking around for some bikini-spiration for a while (after deciding yesterday that i am going on holiday at the end of july) i stumbled across her collection for this year and, once again, fell in love. this summer seems to be about three things - sailor, neon and tribal - meaning colours, stripes and prints, yippee! i am not a blue wearing person, although i can be seen in it occasionally, but i LOVE the sailor stripes fashion (if i said this to my mother she would probably say something like 'is that why you got an anchor tattoo' and i would just sigh and shake my head).

above i have chosen a few of my favourite pieces. i am loving the longline look that she has on a few of her pieces, as i think it can be worn by anyone. i personally haven't had a longline bikini for a while, but i think this year might be the year! although i am not the weight i was a year ago, i think longline is a great way to accentuate what needs showing off and keeping things in that don't need to be on show. i am really excited to visit new look and try some of these on, as i have always been impressed with the Kelly Brook range! 

the one thing i will say against this new collection is that there are not many high waisted bottom options this year, which for some one like me is more preferable to a long line top. however, if i can find a cheap pair of bottoms from somewhere else i would love to get one of the tops from this range! i believe the gingham one on the top row in the middle is actually a repeat of last year which shows the popularity of something simple yet comfortable!

i am super excited for my holiday now after seeing all of these, and as i have gone up a dress size (or two...i comfort eat okay?!) i need some new ones anyway!

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