Monday, 14 July 2014

FASHION | my purse purchase

not many of you will know, in fact none of you probably will (but will now) that i have a slight 'thing' when it comes to purses. i don't like using the same one for too long, i like to have a variety of colours and styles, i like a purse for winter and a purse for summer and i am just very very picky. i have been searching for a new summer purse for a while, and whenever i looked online i kept going back to the same one on new look. i thought i found a nicer one on ebay, but looking at it i really prefer the new look one. it is in the style i am currently favouring, the 'zip around' and has a combination of colours that are perfect for winter and summer, two for one!! when i was in town with the lovely Georgia (her blog is here) we went in to new look so i could have a look, and i just thought nope, i am not gunna find one i like better, and so decided to purchase. the ONLY thing i do not like is that it doesn't have a coin section, but at the moment i do not carry a lot of coins, just a few pounds for if/when i ever get the non existent bus to/from work. 

if you are looking for an all year round purse, that is a good size for everything and would go perfectly with any bag or outfit, then this is a great choice. i am just about to transfer all my things over to it now, yay!


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