Tuesday, 1 July 2014

REVIEW | i heart... series by lindsey kelk

i do not know if you guys will know, but i have always wanted to be an author. like every little girl i wanted to be a princess or a doctor, and even an air hostess as some point (thank you Busted!) but through all of that i wanted to be an author and write for a living. whether that was books or a column in a magazine or a blog like this, i have always wanted to write. and as a budding author i love to read! since spending two years studying the IB, the only books i read were for school. it is only within the last few weeks that i have started reading books again for pleasure, and what better way to start than with a series i started years ago with this little beauty ^^^^ that came free with a glamour magazine at least 4/5 years ago. 

i bought the rest of the series just after christmas and they sat on my book shelf a little sad. once i started reading this again i remembered why i love it so much. as a book, and as a series, it is light hearted and relatable. it is based around the life of Angela Clark, a freelance writer from London who goes through an awful breakup with her fiancĂ© and hot foots it across the pond to New York. the series follows her life as her job takes her to new places, her new boyfriend from a band and all the different every day antics of a clumsy Londoner with a habit for shopping in labels. 

it is a light hearted series and enjoyable whatever your age. although it seems so out of the way, and i knew if i had a bad break up like she did i probably wouldn't go and live in whole new country and continent, we have all felt like doing it! we have all felt like maxing out our credit card, making new friends instantly and having our dream job with a dream man, so reading this series kind of feels like i am living vicariously through someone else. you really get attached the characters instantly - you can see them in your head, you can feel what they are feeling, you can imagine doing what they are doing. 

i think this series is the perfect summer read - something you could read whilst sunbathing (like me now that i have time off yippee!) or something you could read whilst your man is watching the football. you will be instantly drawn in to the world that Lindsey has created, and you will instantly love this series. i would recommend it to anyone, no matter what your book preference you will find something you like about this series.

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  1. I love your blog! I must say, I can totally relate about wanting to be a writer. When I was a little girl I would sit at my computer and write stories. As time went on, I decided to have a blog too. I figured I should start some where, right? Well, this mini book series sounds great. I may track these down and read them!


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