Saturday, 2 August 2014

CATCH UP | 'do you need all that makeup?'

hello everyone! as you can probably tell i haven't posted for a little while due to working a lot and haven't had a lot of free time! i thought before i did more posting and trying to post more again i would do a little catch up post, as i don't think i have done one in a while, and if you are like me and are nosy you will be interested! haha.

probably the biggest thing for me recently has been my tattoo, my most loved one so far! the last scabs came off over a week ago and now i am just keeping the area moisturised and protected from the sun but oh baby jesus i am sooooooo in love with it and everything about it! i got it done at my usual place, On The Line Tattoos in Weymouth, and the guy is so lovely! he did the outline, we went out for a fag, and then he shaded, and i don't think we stopped chatting the whole hour and a half he was doing it!

anyone who follows me on social media will know i left my job at moda about a month ago now, and life has definitely gotten better. generally i am happier and less stressed (although my darn skin tells another story, urgh!) and i have recently been given even more hours at screwfix which is brilliant! i am currently on 20 hours +OT due to a supervisor leaving a few weeks back, so at the moment i have enough to keep me going! it has been really tiring and so many things have been going wrong, but hopefully with all this experience i will be able to start the supervisor training programme.

i also went out for a friends 19th which was great, i felt fantastic and it was an amazing evening! he is originally bens friend but ben couldn't come, so i had to party for the both of us! i didn't drink a lot which i am very proud of myself for doing, and it was wonderful spending time with all of my friends. i bought a new dress and i wanted peplum because i know it is a style that suits me, and i decided to get this one from boohoo, i think it was about £15 and i am absolutely in love with it! i also went for a heavy eye and nude-ish lip, and i loved what i did, because of the quality of my skin i was concerned, so i put it on instagram and everyone else seemed to like my face haha!

and then this week wednesday to be precise, i met up with my old IB friends and we had a lovely day together! one of my friends has a new house in poole so we spent the day up there (and my god it is gorgeous, worth £2m easily) and went out on his boat, my first time on a boat out there and a first time fishing too!! it was lovely seeing everyone again after a year, even though it was tinged with sadness because i am the only one who didn't pass the IB and it seems as if everyone is doing brilliantly with their life and i am sort of floundering almost. however, i made my first potato salad and had a lovely time with friends, drinks and remembering good times from school. 

i hope everyone is having a lovely time, what with the glorious weather and the start of the holidays! hopefully now my work life is settling down i should be able to get back to posting more regularly! look after yourselves!



  1. Love your new tattoo! Your dress is gorgeous too :)

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  2. I felt the same way too. I felt like my friends were moving on with life and I, on the other hand, was stuck. But you know, we all get to where we want to be in the end. Some sooner than others... As for me, I'm working my way up there. So don't worry, you're not alone on that one! Lovely dress btw!


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