Saturday, 16 August 2014

FASHION | black and white

black and white fashion | day to night

its that time of the year again - summer is slowly starting to fade and autumn is creeping in. it is a difficult time for fashion i think, where shorts and dresses are often too cold because of the wind, and furry coats are just a little too stuffy. its at this time that the beiges and creams start to com back in to fashion, and stores start stocking jumpers and onesies again.

i wanted this look to be simple yet classy, one that could be worn during the day and night (all items can be found on new look) black and white can be worn any time of the year, but with the thicker and larger coats coming back in stock i thought it would be great to create a simple autumny black and white look that can be worn so many different ways. 

i used two bags - one for day and one for night - to show how this outfit can be seamlessly changed from am to pm, and with just a hint of lipstick too (but that would have thrown off the colours!) i am not a gold person, but it honk gold goes really well black and white. chunky heels have been coming back in this year, reminding me of those god awful chunky lace up school shoes you used to get from places like clarks, but when the heel is on something like a chelsea style boot it works well. don't get me started on heeled jelly shoes cause i really dislike them, but i quite like these (even though i can't wear them around ben!)

something like this may not be for everyone, but even for slightly curvier women like myself, or women like me who have hips and legs but no boobs to speak of, this is a great little outfit to acetate the booty and give the illusion you have breasticles.

what do you think? is summer over and autumn beginning? do you like simple black and white outfit combos? let me know!

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