Monday, 8 September 2014

BEAUTY | new skincare products

ideally i should have taken a before and after shot prior to this post but we know me, not the brightest bulb!

as you know for the last few months i have had some serious problems with my skin, and i have put it down to stress and hormones and not having a proper skin care routine - kind of just taking my makeup off and expecting everything to be perfect. however, i purchased some new products at the beginning of the month in the hope that this would help my skin sort its shit out. and it is only today that i have realised that it genuinely has. i hope to post a proper skin care post at some stage, but i just wanted to share these three beauties and show you the difference in my skin at the moment.

so, lets be real here, there are not a lot of us who will buy home brands when it comes to skin care, right? that was me too. i would use all the samples i got in my Birchbox's (i have a post coming soon!) and would use clearasil or clean & clear and simple and nivea and everything that could be used on sensitive skin. I HAVE BEEN CONVERTED (apart from the product on the right...bear with!) i used to use a lot of tea tree products when i was first getting in to skin care, but i think i just used too much and my skin just did not agree at all. however, these two superdrug own brand products are incredible! i use the face wash every day and the scrub every few days as it is quite strong. however, really working these products in to my skin and on my problem areas it has really helped my skin!

i haven't posted a lot of selfies without filters recently due to my skin problems, but basically i was having severe breakouts, to the point where foundation and concealer and powder and Porefessional wasn't even touching the surface and i felt like there was nothing i could do about any of it. however these have been my holy grail products. and so has the clean & clear lotion.

now, loads of people go on about toners and facials and cleansers and I'm like waahhh?! despite the fact that all of these were on offer i wanted to try new things and new products and just newness, you know what i mean? my routine at the moment is obviously remove my make up, use the facial wash (which smells IN-CRED-IBLE) by making a lather in my hands and then rubbing to my skin, and then once my face is dry i use a cotton wool pad and wipe the deep cleansing lotion all over my face, but again concentrating on my problem areas. 

this post probably has nothing to do with most of you, in which case completely ignore me, but i wanted to share the progress of my skin and how things have really improved and i don't look like i have mountain range under my foundation, and how i have been slightly converted when it comes to home brand skin care products. i cannot wait to get some more of the superdrug tea tree products because they are just incredible, and because it is not overpowering my skin is clearly liking it! if you guys are suffering from a similar thing, where nothing you seem to do is even scratching the surface, then these three products are my new holy trinity, and i would recommend them to anyone.

please bear in mind that i do not necessarily like this picture, but i am confident-ish enough to post this because i am so happy with the progress of my skin and how in the last few weeks these products have really helped my skin. and excuse my double chin, that is still a working progress. and my eyebrows, ignore them too!


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