Tuesday, 9 September 2014

FASHION | summer in autumn

bring summer to autumn.

as i have probably mentioned before, this time of the year is difficult for fashion - this morning for example was freezing and i had to wrap up, but coming home it was glorious! it makes deciding what to wear difficult. so for this little post i wanted to show how a day/evening outfit can bring the summer in to autumn and keep the wooly jumpers and slippers at bay.

all items can be found on my polyvore, but firstly i just want to mention the bag. last year for my birthday post i mentioned a zara bag, and it then went in sale a few months back but by the time i had money i couldn't get it because it was sold out, and it really upset me! however, they have bought out a new version and i am just in love. i can't decide whether i want the black or sand version, and although black as all yearly, so is the sand, and i think it would be easier to dress than the black. so i am in love and i want to buy it but with everything going on and all my plans i can't justify the money for this bag...yet. early christmas present for myself i think.

so with this outfit, i wanted to bring summer to autumn - an outfit that can be worn day or night, that is subtle but individual, something i would definitely wear anywhere. the coat and dress i just think are fantastic, and with block colours a annual summer trend i wanted to bring that in to this, but team it with black tights and some chunky pixie boots to add a little autumn to it. like i said with the bag it is definitely a yearly colour, and would compliment the bold colours. with the necklace, i couldn't decide whether a short necklace or long one would work with this, so i thought why not have the best of both worlds and have a two length necklace? it would sit just right and the black would compliment the boots and the gold would go well with the yellow duster coat and the sand bag. the thing i like about this outfit is that together i believe it works, but each item can be worn with anything and it would work. the yellow coat could be the statement item to a piece, the boots could be worn with a skirt or leggings, the dress could be worn with skinny jeans, tights, heels, flats - this outfit has all the variety individually but a good compliment together.

what trends/fashion items will you bring from summer in to the autumn? are you already bringing out the wooly jumpers, or are you keeping them hidden until october hits?

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