Wednesday, 3 September 2014

ME | making memories

you guys know me - i am very good at starting a venture and never finishing it (except this. which i am happy with. even though i don't blog as much as i like. and i am trying to change that promise!!) but recently as i have been tidying a little around my room, and decluttering my filofax i have been finding little bits and pieces i have kept to do with me and ben. and i decided to start a scrapbook.

now, do not judge me. i am not a photo album person, in fact i rather loathe them (unless it contains adorable baby pictures of ben in a batman hat on the edge of a pool in greece with his parents, then its fine!) so i wanted to keep some of these memories all together so that i can save them and keep them forever. its little things, like the tags from our superhero onesies, and i have all of the cinema tickets from every film we have seen since our first date, and i just want to keep them, and add to them as the years go on, and get ben to add things, and write little notes and yeah. be really cute and gay. whoop whoop!

i know it is a big task to take on, especially when i am working so much and am tired all the time or concentrating on keep my face as moisturised as is possible, but it will all be worth it. i have a drawer that i can keep everything in, and if need be the range is only a few minutes from work so i can also go and get a small set of drawers. but i just wanted to share my little venture with you. although i love the idea of a smashbook, i think for what i want to do, a scrapbook-esque thing will be better.

so tomorrow after work (a 4 o'clock wake up, 6 o'clock start, 2 o'clock finish, delivery and store of the year visit...its gunna be a long day!) i will be popping in to town to collect a few little bits and pieces for my venture. and i am jolly excited! i shall obviously post a little haul about what i got, hopefully tomorrow evening we shall see how tired i am, and how the light is, but yes! that is basically it. i just wanted y'all to know my idea. cause I'm really sad. and need a life. soon. thank you. i shall leave now.

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