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REVIEW | organix argan oil shampoo and conditioner

you all know how i feel about my hair - despite what i put it through it is my life. since i turned red i have been trying to keep the quality as amazing as i can, and since i had it cut that has really helped too. when i first went red, on new years day, i wanted to get a good quality shampoo and conditioner that would help me try and get that quality back. and as these were on offer at the time i got them. and recently repurchased them. for the third time.

  • Packaging - this is something i am conflicted about. in true organix style, it has a name and a gorgeous description on the front and it is just very welcoming. however, trying to get the product out is a pain in the b******s when you reach the bottom! apart from that, like all of their other products, the packaging is simple, consistent and very appealing, or aesthetically pleasing! i also think that they should do a larger size almost, like you know hairspray you get a medium size can and then a large? i think they should do that. although you only need a smallish amount (depending on hair length etc) it would still be nice to have a little more.
  • Availability - as far as i know you can get this product in both boots and super drug  pretty sure some supermarkets might do them, plus online beauty stores, and i am sure in a lot of other stores country (and potentially international) wide. all three times i have purchased these in superdrug, just purely because each time i have been getting other things as well and because they were on offer in superdrug at the time.
  • Scent - the smell of this is gorgeous. i can't quite pinpoint what it is but it is lovely. it is a refreshing scent that stays even when you have washed the conditioner out. that is something i find with some scented shampoos and conditioners - they are scented in the bottle but not on your hair, but this stuff stays and i like that fresh scent feeling. 
  • Money - when i originally got these, when i first went red, they were on offer for 2 for £10, recently they have been half price, for which i think it has ended now unfortunately, but normally they are, i believe £6.99 each. for a shampoo and conditioner that is a lot, and you do not get a lot in the bottle for your money, i think. well, you do shampoo, the shampoo could last me months, but the conditioner, the bit i concentrate on to bring back some quality just last a few weeks. when they are on offer STOCK UP!! but in all honesty because i do not use them frequently, probably once a week to give my hair some tough love, it does work out economical. but if it is something you need to use every day due to your hair quality then there are cheaper brands (one of which i have recently discovered, am loving and will definitely be doing a review on soon! they will be featured in an upcoming haul so keep your eyes peeled!)
  • Softening ability/hair quality - i genuinely believe in this product. i put this as having two names because i would say exactly the same thing for both. i am usually not one to believe shpeal about products. i have to see it/try it to believe it. sometimes i do buy things on a recommendation or having seen people rave about them online, but i still do not believe them until i have tried it for myself. this...oh lord this product. everything that it says on the bottle it does and so much more. it is everything you want and need from a rejuvenating shampoo and conditioner combo. i think if you were to use one without the other they would work but not as effectively, but together...they are like batman and robin! i do not do anything heat related to my hair anymore, maybe if i am going to a show i will straighten it a little but that is it, and i let my hair dry over night. when i wake up in the morning i cannot believe how soft and amazing my hair is! it is like it has never been dyed! saying that, red has probably been the 'healthiest' colour i have been, and due to me not dying every month like i used to with everything else i have done, that has definitely helped keep the quality, and give me back the length i want!


there is nothing bad i can say about this product. honestly.  as i said before the only REAL problem i have is the amount you get and how you get it out the bottom of the bottle! but that is it.


this product is a must have for ANY person who dyes their hair. it is a life saver. when you use it once or twice a week it is oat definitely worth the money, and the way it makes my hair feel it is worth it too. as i said, i am working on keeping my hair red and just concentrating on getting the length back (i have also challenged myself to stay one hair colour for a whole year, and i haven't done this since i first dyed my hair when i was 13, i am almost there!!) and in order to keep the quality in my hair so that i can grow it long i have been looking for good, deep conditioning products and these are the best on the market in my opinion. if moroccan/argan oil products are not for you, or you haven't tried them before, then check out my next post for a cheaper alternative to try before investing, but even for first timers these are a great product. they do a range of different 'deep conditioning' products, and i really want to try them out, but for the time being these are perfection! 

WAS IT WORTH THE MONEY? yes and no, but i explained why!
WOULD I BUY IT AGAIN? i already have so hands down!

if you guys have any questions about this product then please leave a message in the comments below or email me! take care!

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