Wednesday, 10 September 2014

WISHLIST | home edition

WISHLIST | home edition

there is something i have eluded to both (i believe) on here and on social media but i am finally ready to tell you guys, if you haven't guessed already - i will be moving out at the end of this month. it is something that i have been thinking a long time about, but after a very traumatic argument with my mother a sister a few weeks ago i finally decided it was the right time for me to move on. i have decided to go in to a flat share, as at the moment i cannot afford to live on my own. however, i do still get the very fun job of being able to design my room (yippee!!)

i have never had a say in the colours of the rooms i have been in, they have always been chosen by my parents. at the moment, i am currently in a medium blue room with digger and tractor stickers over it. since i made the decision, one thing i have to work out is what furniture i need and where to put it and what i want to changing decisions of course! 

all of these items can be found on my polyvore but i wanted to show you a few of the pieces i am going to be getting! my theme is cream and teal/duck egg, and i want it to be minimalist, with mostly creams and whites, but with teal/duck egg accents. the bedding is damask print and is just gorgeous! i have seen a few i like but i fell in love with this one, and a double size is only £15, bargain! the dressing table is IKEA from the series MALM and when i do eventually buy some more pieces, like a bedside table and chest of drawers i will be getting them from the same series. the peter rabbit postcards in the bottom right hand corner were just so cute i fell in love. what i want to do is frame three of them and hang them up (if i am allowed) and then rest i will use as 'change of address' cards. (as a side note, i don't think for me it will fully sink in that i have gone until i change my address at places, thats the part that scares me a little, making sure i have done it all, and making sure family who need to know do know and such, i think that is when i will finally start to relax and think yeah, i am a grown up now.)

when i do eventually move out and live on my own, or live with ben, i cannot wait to decorate the place and make it all pretty and homely and buy cute plates and cushions and throws for the sofa and i am so excited. 

this is a big step for me, and i just want to say a huge thank you to my ASM and good friend Kim for all the support she has given me recently, and all the help and guidance and advice on furniture she has given me over these past few weeks, and for coming to the viewing with me on saturday so i don't get murdered on my own. she has helped me through, and at times told me what i needed to hear not what i wanted to hear, she knows me very well already, and it means a lot to me to have had her here, i don't know what i would have done without her wisdom! so thank you Kim you spiffing human!

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