Tuesday, 7 October 2014

HAUL | my little treats

i wanted to wait to do this post until my present in my post, and it arrived last monday so i shall now post yay! but firstly, who can believe it is october already?! how crazy is that! only a month till bens birthday and two till christmas! i also found out that its been 2 years since my surgery, how time flies!! however, for the purpose of this post, my problem is i like to spend, and when i have worked so hard for my money i like to treat myself, but i obviously have certain responsibilities first. however, i have treated myself a little this month and i just wanted to show you the things i purchased, and tell you how super happy i am about two of them (which i will leave till last just to emphasise the suspense!! even though you can...like...scroll...the intent is there!)

SO! the hair bands will make more sense in just a moment, but i needed some more away. i hate hairbands that have metal in them because they hurt and snag too much, and these have been perfect this last week, they and really good and they haven't over stretched! i believe it was 3 for 2 in boots when i got them, so definitely have a look! i think they only do black, blonde and brunette though, but i got the black as i am not that fussed about the colour of the bands! then obviously my favourite makeup wipes which i will always swear by, and for someone who has sensitive skin they are everything i need a want and they are a very staple part of my day!

BARRY M YOU WONDERFUL CREATURES. i have always loved Barry M, 99% of my nail varnishes are by Barry M. and their new autumn Gelly Hi Shine nail varnishes are the ultimate perfection! their Hi Shine polishes are amazing, the colour is so pigmented and opaque and it stays on forever! i don't usually wear one colour past a week, but when i do these don't chip or flake or anything. so when i heard that they were bringing out a new collection i had to have them! i am also going to be getting their new Glitterati collection when i have sold a few things on ebay! these colours are based on spices, so from L to R we have Chilli, Mustard, Cocoa, Paprika, Cardamon and Chai! these colours are going to be amazing for fall, and for halloween, i am planning a few nail art things (i can't remember the word!!) using these! Chilli would be amazing for blood, Paprika would be great for a pumpkin and Cardamon for Frankenstein!! Barry M produce some of the best nail varnishes in the world, and i will not rest till i have every single colour! (i already own all of the normal glitter shades and all of their limited edition shades so far... oops!! obsessed?! some people like makeup, i like nail varnish first then makeup haha)

obviously as i was in superdrug i had to pick up my favourite mascara and concealer. i love what this mascara does to my lashes, as i have quite short and sparse lashes, but this one really works with my lashes and enhances them in every way! this concealer is fantastic too! i used to use the Maybelline FitME in 115 but the coverage was brilliant, but this is perfect and i am loving it! i just wish there was more in a pot haha! (don't we all?!) i also got some more hair dye in a slightly darker red as i needed to get some colour back! this appears quite dark, but it really pops in the sun! and of course, if you saw my skincare post, you will know i am currently loving the superdrug own Tea Tree range, so as they were on offer i picked up some more items! they do also do some nose strips as well but they didn't have any when i went in! oh well, next time!!

now on to my big treats (yippee!!)

so i have been wanting to get some extensions for a while and i really did my research, and after watching many youtube videos i decided to invest in some FoxyLocks extensions, and thanks to Leanne and her code i got some free eyelashes too, which i will be wearing thursday for the funeral. this is another reason i got the hair dye because my hair had faded and i needed to dye it and darken it a little to match the extensions better. i got the regular set which worked about £60 including postage, but i think i will be investing in a larger set soon. i didn't want to invest in something like this when i know nothing about it, but now i know about them and love them i will definitely be getting some more and trying new hairstyles and everything! finally i can do milkmaid braids again! i will probably do a post about these at some point and explain my reasons for getting them, but if you have any questions then don't hesitate to contact me!

i also got myself this absolute beauty - theBalm Nude'tude eyeshadow palette! i have seen so many makeup artists use it and rave about it! i purchased it through Birchbox and i used some of my points so it only cost me about £15 which i am really happy! it is everything i hoped it would be, and i will definitely be using it in looks from now on! again, i will probably do a post about it soon! the colours are so pigmented and so blend able and build able and easy to remove at the end of the night, and so far i have used them with and without an eye primer and they have lasted all day both ways! the colour Sexy (top right, second from right) is a deep burgundy red colour and i recently created a halloween bruised/zombie/dead person look and this was perfect for it, so i will have to recreate and put some pictures up!! i love this just as much as my Naked3 and i use that every day without fail!! 

so those are my treats! if you have any questions about any of the products shown here then please don't hesitate to contact me, and i will see you in my next post!! xo

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