Friday, 7 November 2014

CATCH UP | ladles and jellyspoons

my lovelies, it has been a while. and i apologise for that. this blog was so much a part of my life 6 months ago and now it is something i am neglecting because of my life and i don't want that, so i am sorry. i would like to say a huge thank you to all of the people who look at my blog on a daily basis and have kept seeing when i will post something new, that means so much to me. i just thought i would address the elephant in the room and say i was sorry.

work really has been my life recently. i feel like i have done nothing else for the past few weeks. i am trying to write up some posts so i can post them every now and again, but i am just so tired at the moment it is difficult! i was thinking, as my budget is quite tight at the moment, of bringing in some more review posts, or fashions for the winter, or wish lists, but still keep you updated. if there is anything you want to see then PLEASE do not hesitate to contact me!! i am more than happy to post what you guys want to see! if you want more pictures of my daily life or maybe a shoddy quality vlog i can do that, or if you want me to strip down (giggly) to the basics and keep it simple, then please let me know in the comments or send me an email! i would love to hear from you!

in regards to life in general, every day is very much the same. i am currently going through CBT which is taking a lot out of me, and i have a very bad foot which is affecting my day to day life, things are happening with ben and i, it is all very stressful! however, some good news! for the past week (with the exception of last night) i have gone to work with nothing on my face. nada. zip. zilch. zero. the only thing i have had on my face is moisturiser and toner. no makeup, no eyebrows, no nothing. my skin is so bad at the moment because of hormones and stress, and so with much persuasion from a good friend at work i decided to go bare faced! i still feel weird about leaving the house with nothing on my face, but i know in the long run it will a) save me money when i need to be saving and b) make my skin a lot lot better!

in addition to that, the whole moving out wheel is back in motion and fingers crossed it all happens! again like before it would be a flat share, i wouldn't be living on my own as my budget just can't stretch that far yet, but it is a step in the right direction for me! it would mean living partially independently and being responsible for myself, which is obviously a very scary thing but something that cannot come soon enough.

anyway! like i said, if you guys have any requests on posts you want to see then please contact me, i am always welcome to suggestions - this is my blog, and i post what i would like to, but you are the people who read it so i want to make you happy!

love you all!! 

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