Thursday, 27 November 2014

FASHION | primark haul - part two

so on wednesday ben and i spent the afternoon on a small shopping trip in poole. i just wanted us to spend a day together out somewhere, and i wanted to get a little christmas shopping done. ben bought me some tshirts (and some to add to my hogwarts collection that i started last week yippee) and i cannot wait to start wearing them around the new house and out (if i ever go out haha)

so i bought some more candles for myself and some for my grandparents for christmas. don't ask me which ones are mine and theirs cause i haven't decided because i love them all so much haha. i just think the candles from primark are amazing quality for the price! you get 30 tea lights for £1.50 and the small jars are 80p at the moment and you get roughly 10hrs from them! and the smell last the whole jar. one thing that annoys me with candles is when it smells incredible for the first hour and then the smell sort of dissipates but with these the smell lasts the whole time. the great thing is i can reuse the jars, like decorate them or leave them plain and use them for tea lights in the future! i also got some wrapping paper from card factory ready to wrap gifts up! i did get a couple of other bits, something for mum and something for bens dad, but i didn't want to post the pictures (you never know who is looking at your blog hehe!)

i hope everyone is okay and having a good week! i personally am very excited for saturday, D-Day for me eek!! i will see you in my next post soon, it will probably be based on the move! that or me marvelling at how i have christmas all sorted now haha. look after yourselves, and i will see you soon!!

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