Sunday, 23 November 2014

FASHION | primark haul (with some exciting end news!)

so i recently went on a little shopping trip to bristol with a friend (thank you kim!) and so i have a nice little primark haul for you, and then some home bits at the end with some exciting news to share with you all!

so as you can see, i went a little harry potter crazy! there is so much in stores at the moment that i am loving, and i cannot wait to get some more christmas jumpers! the pudding hat (above) was actually in the mens section, but i thought it would be great for christmas at work, and it is so comfy! sits perfectly on my head! tshirts and jumpers i got in a size or two above what i am, purely because i want to wear them for comfort clothes, like bum about clothes, yaknow? i also cannot wait for christmas jumper day at work as i am LOVING the jumper! it is so comfy and warm! sometimes knitted jumpers can be itchy and scratchy (haha, simpsons...sorry bad joke) but this is so soft and i reckon it will only get softer with washes! andddd i went a little hogwarts mad because i am planning on my next tattoo being my harry potter one, only problem is i have too many ideas and i have to try and get them all in to one...maybe...ill get two...probably. ANYWAY!!

i also bought a few christmas presents, most of which i can't post on here because they are a) for ben or b) for kitty, but i thought i would show you the little bits i got for bens mum. one of the brushes is for me for the few times i wear makeup, but the other is for his mum. i am gunna get him a few other little bits but these were the main two as i saw that hers were a little old.

now, if you are someone who follows me on social media i have hinted at this good news for a few days now...i am moving!! it is finally happening!! i am basically taking everything with me, but i needed a few little bits, aka a fitted bottom sheet a lots of candles. oops. once i finally get there and settle in we will see what else i need, and mother has said she will get me a few things for christmas if i need anything, but for now i have everything i need from the house and furniture and shit, but yeah! its actually happening! i don't think i will believe it until it actually happens (moving day is next saturday so i am really nervous!) and i change my address and stuff but yeah, I'm really excited!

so obviously the yankee candle is not from primark but from an actual yankee store (oh my lord it was the best experience ever i would love to work there it was incredible!) but all of the other candles were primark! they all smell fantastic and i have only had one or two small ones from primark before and they last really long and smell brilliant the whole time it is burning, which is a big thing for me. i do have holders, and when i burn down the christmas ones i will reuse those glasses and oh my lord i am so excited!!!

regardless, i absolutely love everything i have bought from primark, i am always impressed with their quality for their price and i am really excited to move in and decorate my new room, and i am hopefully going back to primark soon so i cannot wait to get a few more things for the house and for me haha. i hope everyone is good and having a good weekend, and so begineth my twice weeketh off!! HOLIDDAAYYYYY.

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