Saturday, 20 December 2014


its happened. it has finally happened. and no, i am not pregnant or married. I HAVE FINALLY UPLOADED A VIDEO TO YOUTUBE. what. the amount of times i have sat here and said i am gunna do it, i am gunna film these videos and edit them and i never do, but it has happened. and do you know what?! i keep thinking to myself why did i wait so long!! i am using a very basic editing software which is all i need, i am filming on my phone, half the time i have no face on which is an amazing achievement and yeah. wow. its happened. 

so it would mean the world to me if you guys could go and check out my first ever video, they will mostly be vlogs but if i get a day off i might do some other bits, but it means i can communicate with you guys better. so i wanted to say thank you, because without your unintentional support i wouldn't have been able to have to the courage to actually do this and speak in to a camera like a weirdo. just click on this link, type "findneverlandwithme" in the search bar on YouTube or watch the video below! obviously i am working on the tweaks and changes here and there, and trying to unify all of my social media and such, but yeah! its an incredible feeling, and it will only grow! and please don't forget to subscribe and give it a thumbs up, it means so much to me!! thank you!!


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